Top 5 LoL Supports To Play In Competitive

Every LoL supports player is imperative to a team’s victory: here are ten of the most effective supports for competitive play.

Your support champion may well be the distinction in winning or losing a match united of Legends, which is particularly true once you’re talking regarding competitive in tournaments against professionals. wish to be told what the professionals are abusing to win games? Then you have got come back to the proper place, as we tend to breakdown and therefore the prime ten best supports for professional play!

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Top 5 LoL Supports To Play In Competitive

Nautilus is that the illustration LoL supports for professional play. He has everything that you just may ever need. battlefront tanking? Check. CC? Check. Survivability? Check. Nautilus ticks nearly every box that’s needed for a true support champion, and he will do it well. He isn’t simply a jack of all trades, he’s a MASTER of all trades.

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He is able to chain CC targets for what feels like an eternity while having the raw health and resistances to be able to commence unharmed. Above else though, he’s therefore straightforward to play effectively, that it’s nearly not possible to not be consistent on him. it’s for this reason that Nautilus is that the much loved to choose on this list.


Top 5 LoL Supports To Play In Competitive

Leona is extremely almost like Nautilus, she has insane amounts of CC and sticking potential, and she is nearly impossible to scathe during a fight, including kill. What sets Leona aside from Nautilus though is her ultimate. it’s an area of effect (AoE) stun/slow and may turn the tides of a team fight rather quickly. However, thanks to the very fact that it’s a skill shot, which also features a wind-up time, it’s tons less reliable than a Naut R, which may be a point and click on. Thanks to the potential for less consistency, Leona places just shy of the highest spot at number 2 LoL supports.


Top 5 LoL Supports To Play In Competitive

Tahm Kench may be a rather weird champion. He sees such little solo queue play, but once you jump into the professional scene, you quickly realize that he’s one among the foremost played LoL supports. This isn’t just currently either, he has historically always been an excellent pick within the pro scene, which is thanks to how good his team play is.

Whilst Leona and Nautilus found out long CC chains, Tahm Kench is more about peeling. he’s ready to eat up allies in who are during a tough spot and whisk them away to safety, where he’s then ready to take in all incoming damage with the utilization of grey health, whilst his ally makes swift work of the enemies.

Alongside this, he also features a global presence thanks to his ultimate, allowing him and one teammate to teleport around the map, isolating enemy retreats or to supply reinforcements. the sole problem he has is his relatively high skill floor/ceiling compared to other support picks. Of course, this isn’t really a problem at the very best levels of play, but it’s why his solo queue presence is so low.


What more is there to mention about Rakan than he’s the KING of engaging. His kit is entirely designed around jumping in and setting up kills. There’s never a time once you are safe from his engages, as he’s ready to cross vast amounts ground very quickly, eventually ending up with him right up in your face, and your imminent death following suite.

Alongside all of this, he provides excellent sustain for his teammates, providing both shields and heals, but at a particular point, it won’t even be necessary with how briskly the enemy team will melt within the late game.

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Yuumi is that the only enchanter LoL supports to form the list. The last time we saw enchanter supports played at a pro-level was during the ardent censor meta. Despite this, Yuumi has performed a cut above the remainder because of her team-wide peeling capabilities and therefore the ability to show any carry into a nuclear missile.

When attached to ADC’s or carry junglers like Master Yi, she turns them into the right champion, capable of surviving any skirmish. Alongside all of this, she has excellent team fight potential because of her ultimate, allowing full team roots.

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