Top 5 Coaches With The Most Influence In Bayern Munich History

The greatness of Bayern Munich is made by so many talented coaches in the past. And here are the 5 most influential strategists in the history of the number one German football team.

Top 5 Coaches With The Most Influence In Bayern Munich History


Ottmar Hitzfeld worked with Bayern Munich in 2 periods of military holding. After leaving Dortmund in 1998, Hitzfeld moved to lead the Gray Lobster. Even in his first season, he helped Bayern win the Bundesliga. After losing to Manchester United together in the historic Champions League final 1998/99, Hitzfeld eventually brought Gray Lobster to the throne in this tournament in the 2000/01 season. In the first 6 years led by Hitzfeld, the “old fox”, Bayern won 4 Bundesliga championships, 2 National Cups and 1 Champions League.

In 2007, Hitzfeld returned to Bayern Munich, after Felix Magath was sacked in the middle of the season. Hitzfeld was unable to lead the Gray Lobster in the Bundesliga in that unfinished season, but helped the club return to German football dominance the following season, then left the Allianz Arena to move to lead the Swiss national team.

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Dettmar Cramer is rarely mentioned when talking about Bayern Munich history. He also led the Gray Lobster for 2 years, from 1975 to 1977. However, Cramer is the coach who laid the foundation to make a great Bayern today.

Top 5 Coaches With The Most Influence In Bayern Munich History

Dettmar Cramer was dubbed the “Professor”. After winning the 1974 World Cup with West Germany as a BHL member, he moved on to lead Bayern Munich. Gray Lobster Champions Cup C1 in both years Cramer in position. Later, Cramer traveled around the world “spreading” his football doctrine, from the United States, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, to Malaysia and Thailand.


Jupp Heynckes had up to 4 stages at the Allianz Arena. He led Bayern Munich for the first time in 1987 and the last time in 2017, 30 years apart. In about 8 years divided into 4 stages above, Heynckes helped Bayern win 4 silver Bundesliga, 1 Champions League, 1 National Cup and 3 German Super Cups.

Among these titles, there is a big “treble” in the 2012/13 season. Heynckes is considered the most influential coach in Bayern in the modern football era, by sticking to the club for more than 3 decades.


Louis van Gaal is considered a teacher in military leadership. He may not succeed directly at work, but Van Gaal’s knowledge and football ideas are very valuable. Despite only leading Bayern Munich for 2 years, from 2009 to 2011, he built a squad and play style that Gray Lobster benefited many years after his departure.

Top 5 Coaches With The Most Influence In Bayern Munich History

Van Gaal was the one who brought Arjen Robben to the Allianz Arena, as well as discovered the true ability of Bastian Schweinsteiger when he brought him into the central midfield kick from the wing position. Van Gaal also helped Thomas Mueller get his foot in the first team and turned David Alaba into the mainstay of Bayern. Van Gaal only won 3 titles in 2 seasons leading Bayern Munich, including 1 Bundesliga, 1 Cup and 1 German Super Cup. However, what he did for Bayern was immeasurable.


Many people said that Pep Guardiola left Bayern Munich in 2016 as a loser because he did not help the club conquer the Champions League. However, the legacy that Pep left behind at the Allianz Arena is huge. It is a football philosophy of possession and a good attack. Before that, Gray Lobster was originally a team of power, hard-headed and hard-headed. Even German football, in general, is influenced by Pep’s philosophy. Moreover, Pep also helped Bayern Munich to win 3 Bundesliga championships, 2 National Cups, 1 European Super Cup and 1 FIFA Club World.

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