MU Is Willing To Sell These 5 Players To Buy Jack Grealish

According to information from Manchester Evening News, the MU leadership is ready to bid farewell to 5 players to get the signature of Jack Grealish.

Jack Peter Grealish is an English professional footballer, playing as a winger or an attacking midfielder and captain of the Premier League club, Aston Villa. Grealish joined Aston Villa at the age of 6 and launched the club in May 2014, after being loaned out at Notts County.

MU is willing to sell these 5 players to buy Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish is one of MU’s top goals in the transfer window this summer. Currently, the Aston Villa side screams this player price up to 80 million pounds.

Jack Grealish is one of MU's pursuit goals in the summer market in 2020
Grealish is one of MU’s pursuit goals in the summer market in 2020

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the financial situation of MU also encountered some difficulties. Therefore, if you want to bring Jack Grealish to Old Trafford, “Red Devils” must solve this problem.

According to information from Manchester Evening News, MU is ready to sell 5 players in the transfer window this summer to put money to recruit Jack Grealish and some other goals of the “Red Devils”.

Accordingly, the five names on this list are Jesse Lingard, Andreas Pereira, Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, and Marcos Rojo. These are all players who have not really contributed to MU in recent years.

Of these, Jesse Lingard was the one given the most chances by coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. However, the Englishman failed to score a goal, without creating an assist after 20 appearances in the Premier League.

In addition to pursuing Grealish, the MU leadership also targeted Sancho on Dortmund. However, the English team struggled when Dortmund screamed the midfielder up to £ 100 million

Mourinho put “super stir” of Aston Villa Club

Midfielder Jack Grealish, who was dubbed the “super rebel” of Aston Villa, has been caught in the sights of Mourinho.

At the age of 19, Jack Grealish has emerged as a high-ranking player. He has been severely punished by Aston Villa Club for being distracted by the photo, along with a bottle of Ciroc Vodka that costs £ 1,000. And yet, coach Tim Sherwood was “furious” with a picture of Jack Grealish soundly asleep on Spanish streets, next to the smoking cigarette pack.

Jack Grealish is within Mourinho's sights
Grealish is within Mourinho’s sights

Jack Grealish has also been discovered playing a “hippy crack”, or “laughing ball,” containing nitrous oxide, a substance that can be life-threatening if overdosed.

Young, inadequate lifestyle, but undeniable in the talent of Grealish. In the Championship this season, the player born in 1995 plays quite outstanding. He played a total of 34 matches for Aston Villa club, scored 3 goals, 8 assists for the team-mates.

Undeniable talent of Jack Grealish
Undeniable talent of Grealish

This is why Mourinho wants to bring Grealish to Old Trafford. However, with a loose, undisciplined lifestyle, not many people believe that he can survive and succeed at a big, traditional club like MU.