‘To Barca, Lautaro Martinez only has to be on the bench”

Fabio Capello coach believes Lautaro Martinez should stay at Inter Milan, instead of joining Barca in the near future. That’s because Luis Suarez is still out of fashion at the Camp Nou.

Inter Milan or Barce will be the talented striker’s next decision

“If it were me, I would choose to stay at Inter. At Barca, Martinez only has reserved,” the Italian strategist told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Mr. Capello did not say anything. The center position in the Camp Nou belongs to Luis Suarez. Despite being 33 years old, the Uruguayan spearhead maintains a stable form. In the 2019/20 season, the former Liverpool star pocketed 14 goals in all competitions.

Martinez is being pursued by Barca.

In recent seasons, Suarez has also become the hard guy for Lionel Messi. They proved very good on the attack. In the context that Barca has no intention of selling the Uruguayan striker, Lautaro Martinez is difficult to take over the official position from a colleague, in the case of joining the representative of Catalonia.

Capello coach Lautaro Martinez refused Barcelona and stayed at Inter Milan

Former Real Madrid, AC Milan and Juventus strategist Fabio Capello says Lautaro Martinez will fail if he decides to move to Barcelona and will succeed if he stays with Inter Milan.

Lautaro Martinez is the main target of Barcelona in the upcoming player transfer to replace Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez who is in the decline stage. In addition to Barca, in the race to own an Argentina-born star in 1997, there are two other European giants, Real Madrid and Man City.

To Barca, Lautaro Martinez only has to be on the bench
Lionel Messi used to call directly to “juniors” compatriots to return to Barca

Lautaro Martinez is the main striker of Inter Milan and has just had a successful season with the black and green striped team in Serie A when scoring 16 goals in 31 matches in all competitions before the “Covid-19” pandemic froze. “most world sports activities.

“If it were me, I would stay at Inter Milan because I moved to Barcelona, ​​he can only sit on the bench. The value of the players will drop sharply after the pandemic with a more reasonable figure but I think the only team. most in Spain will not be destroyed by the pandemic Real Madrid. Barcelona and Atletico Madrid will suffer severe consequences after this period, “73-year-old strategist Italian.

Capello said that Martinez should continue to stick with Inter Milan
Capello said that Martinez should continue to stick with Inter Milan

Sharing more about the movement of football between the Covid-19 pandemic, coach Capello, who once led Real Madrid and Juventus, said that the transfer market will undergo a lot of changes. He believes silly transfer numbers will no longer appear.

Inter want Barca to pay the full amount of 111 million euros at a time. This is also a contractual release clause of Martinez. This is said to make it difficult to represent Catalonia. They want to reduce the transfer fee of buying Lautaro Martinez by adding a few stars in the first team to the contract.

The Italian military also emphasized that Barca and Atletico are the two most disadvantaged clubs due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The strongest living team is Real Madrid.

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