Tiger Woods: ‘No Need To Burn To Express Opinions’

Golfer’s former world number one Tiger Woods opposes racism and injustice regarding the death of George Floyd but calls for calm.

“My heart is for George Floyd, his loved ones, and for those who are in pain,” Woods wrote on Twitter. “I have always lived in the spirit of the rule of law and absolutely respect law enforcement. They have been trained diligently to understand how, when, and where to use force. And this tragedy has clearly surpassed. over that limit “.

African-American Floyd died in Minneapolis on May 25, after police officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee on his neck for more than eight minutes. The incident sparked a wave of violent protests in many cities that caused the US to place a curfew, and mobilize the National Guard to respond to the situation.

Tiger Woods: ‘No need to burn to express opinions’

“I remember the riots in Los Angeles and learned that education is the best way to progress,” the 15 major owners said. “We can express our opinions without burning our community together. I hope that through sincere and vigorous conversations, we can create a more united and safer society.”.

Tiger Woods is one of many well-known figures in American sports circles calling for a stop to violent acts after Floyd became killed by police.
Tiger Woods is one of many well-known figures in American sports circles calling for a stop to violent acts after Floyd became killed by police.

The riots in Los Angeles that the “Super Tiger” mentioned befell in 1992. Thousands of people in the southern minority community of the town took to the streets after the decide acquitted four police suspects in the attack on black driver Rodney King.

The Woods family also has granddaughter Cheyenne who owns a cup at the Ladies European Tour and used to play at the LPGA Tour during 2014-2016. The 29-year-old Golfer is the 6th African-American on the LPGA Tour. After a period of decline and relegation, she is finding her way returned from the Second-class Symetra Tour system.

“When I thought about George Floyd, I was horrified. This is a tough fact that reflects on our country. It is a tragedy that has took place typically and has gone down in history. But now, it is filmed.” and spread it on social media. My mother is white, and my father is black. I confided in him, reminded him to behave nicely, and not do anything that would make the bad things escalate. “, Cheyenne shared on Golfweek on May 31.

Tiger Woods’s determined to fight for equality

The LPGA Tour’s own page on Twitter and Instagram offers the message: “Sport has always had the power to promote social change and engage people.”

By the age of Cheyenne Woods, male golfer Harold Varner III additionally wrote an emotional open letter to express his views. In it, he admitted to being angry at the Floyd case but was able to calm down so he could write a comment: “I’m black. I grew up in Gastonia in New York and nothing. No beautiful clothes, no bright torches, and sometimes no money to have lunch in school. You know, the ones who forced me to succeed were the local white and black guys who helped me with my clothes, all kinds of goods menu and food. The white people no longer distinguish color, the color of the skin too. Maybe I’m lucky, but if I say that, it will erode everything I believe … “.

Tiger Woods is determined to fight for equality
Tiger Woods is determined to fight for equality

Golfer, a five-year senior at the PGA Tour, confused his opposition to all acts of violence: “It is horrible to see George Floyd’s movement for justice become a wave of smashing and plundering African-American efforts. I am constantly on the facet of victims of racism, not only for African Americans but however also for other skin types promote the aggressive and violent reactions, in particular to those who have poured into looting or smashing one restaurant or another. “

He called for no violence
He called for no violence

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