Things You Should Know About F1 Rules

In this article, we will provide readers with the F1 rules, flags, penalties, race rules, racing cars, etc. of this speed sport.

Rules and bonuses in F1 racing

Racing teams

Things You Should Know About F1 Rules

Each F1 season has most of the twelve racing teams. Each team participates in a very race with 2 racing cars. All drivers in the team must have a high-level driver’s license issued by FIA – World Automobile Federation. If you would like to attend F1, the racing team should deposit a $ 48 million.

The entire amount is refunded to the racing team in 12 equal installments monthly from the time the racing team officially joins the racing. If the racing team provides up, they’ll lose the deposit amount mentioned above.


The F1 rules about drivers are each racing team has the right to use 4 drivers in a season. Test drivers who only participate in free races prior to the race do not count toward this number. The team is free to create a substitution before getting into the classification race beginning on Saturday afternoon. If a replacement is later, they have to get permission from the referees.

Speed ​​into the pit lane

Things You Should Know About F1 Rules

Pit lane is where the drivers will go in to maintain the car. On a free practice day, the F1 rule of maximum speed for a racing car in a pit lane is 60 km / h. During the grading competition and the main race, the maximum speed was raised to 80 km / h.

On-street races, the maximum speed limit in a pit lane may change. If exceeding the allowed speed during practice, the driver will have to pay a fine of USD 250 per km / h. During the race, they will be penalized once for running through the pit lane.

Length of the race – F1 Rules

The F1 rules of the minimum number of laps required to complete a distance of 305 km (except for Monaco GP). If a bad situation happens, race can stop for two hours.


Things You Should Know About F1 Rules

Teams can refuel the car throughout the race. The refueling system could be a general system provided by a manufacturer and conforms to any or all FIA specifications. The system is designed so that the amount of fuel pumped through the nozzle cannot exceed 12.1 liters/second.

The cases stopped the race – F1 Rules

If the race has an accident or due to bad weather, the organizers will decide to stop the race midway. If that happens once the race has not completed the primary two laps, the race will start from the start. In the event that the starting position cannot be reorganized, no driver will be given a score.

If the race is stopped after the first 2 laps and before the race team completes 75% of the race, F1 rules of the start will be reorganized with the help of the Safety car. If it is not possible to reorganize, the driver will receive 1/2 of the points in the last order they were reached.

If the race is stopped when the race team has completed 75% of its length, the rider will be awarded the points as normal.

Safety car – F1 Rules

F1 rules of safety car will appear when the track has an accident or bad weather to protect the riders but not to the point of stopping the race. When safe vehicles appear, the racers must line up in order and are not allowed to overtake competitors. Drivers at the end of the race, with fewer laps than the leading driver, are allowed to pass safely to the end of the race.

Scoring method – F1 Rules

The International Federation of Racing and F1 racing teams have reached an agreement on the scoring system. Accordingly, the F1 rules of the top 10 drivers in each race will be graded on a 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1. In addition, the driver who finishes one lap fastest will get an extra 1 point.

F1 racing bonus – F1 Rules

F1 distributes gross profits to all racing teams. However, drivers will not receive any prize money because they have been paid by the racing teams. F1 racing revenue will be divided into two equal parts, half for the racing teams (called bonus funds) and the other half for the group of shareholders.

The prize fund will be divided into several parts: 23.7% equally divided among 10 racing teams, 23.7% divided in the order of the racing teams in the rankings and the remaining 2.5% belongs to Ferrari, a racing team that has a special contract with F1 racing.

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