The USA vs Mexico Prediction | WC 2022 Qualif. CONCACAF | 11/13

The USA vs Mexico prediction: The United States and Mexico will have a meeting this weekend in the framework of the CONCACAF regional World Cup qualifiers. An extremely exciting match when both teams are ambitious to win tickets to continue as the top team. The superiority and experience of the US or Mexico are undisputed, which team will create a more effective game and achieve their goals?

The USA vs Mexico Prediction


  • Match date: 02:10 a.m – 2021/11/13
  • Event: World Cup 2022 Qualif. CONCACAF
  • Stage: Matchday 7th



The unexpected 0-1 defeat against Panama made the US slow down in the race for the top spot recently. Currently, the home team has 11 points and is ranked 2nd on the table, 3 points behind the top team. However, coach Berhalter Gregg’s students quickly found a stable rotation when they defeated Costa Rica with a score of 2-1 right at their home. The 4-3-3 gameplay is still operated quite smoothly and has brought great efficiency in recent times, along with experience and maturity in each match that is helping to open the door to America’s next move. The upcoming welcome will be an opportunity for the home team to re-implement the goal of taking the top spot from Mexico, a match of extremely important nature, so surely coach Berhalter Gregg’s army will be really well-prepared.

The USA vs Mexico Prediction

On the remaining front line, Mexico proved not to be inferior or even superior when this was the owner of the first place with 14 points in hand. After 6 matches, the representative from North America has not received any defeat, including 4 victories. The pragmatic playstyle and quality squad make it easy for coach Gerardo Martino’s army to find victory over their opponents. Statistics show that in the last 10 matches, the away team only received 1 defeat, the remaining 7 victories and 2 draws, this excitement about this performance will be the basis for them to be able to defend their throne in the upcoming difficult march.

A confrontation that is considered by fans to have extremely high professional quality. Surely neither the US nor Mexico wants to cede too much initiative to the opponent because they know very well that this means suicide. The last two-thirds of the time the two teams met each other ended with the appearance of quite a few goals. With the determination to win first place, it is believed that the upcoming match will have a double and dramatic match until the last minute.

Select: Over 2 FT.


Although representing the away team, with the fact that they are at the top of the table, Mexico is still the better name in this match. Not to mention the White Eagle is getting a higher ranking than the US on the world rankings, specifically, Mexico is ranked 11th while the US is ranked 22nd. However, the away team can bring back 3 points. Whether it is complete or not is still a big question mark when the US is also having an extremely convincing performance in recent times. Statistics show that, in addition to the minimum defeat against Panama, coach Berhalter Gregg’s army still maintains an extremely sublime performance when unbeaten in 14 consecutive matches, including 12 victories. Obviously, in terms of strength and experience in world tournaments, the US is not afraid of any opponent. The last 2 times they faced each other ended in a draw, most likely with the correlation in many aspects, this scenario will appear again.

Select: The USA FT.


It is really difficult to find a name to win 3 points in this match. The correlation in both forces and gameplay is quite a lot, so it is likely that this match will be a confrontation that cannot find a winning team. 

The USA vs Mexico Prediction

Select: Draw FT.

The USA vs Mexico Prediction:​​ USA 2 – 2 Mexico FT (1-1 H1).


The USA: Turner, Robinson, Cannon, Lletget, Sands, McKenzie, Adams, Aaronson, Dike, Roldan, Pulisic.

Mexico: Talavera, O. Rodriguez, L. Rodriguez, Herrera, Sepulveda, Salcedo, Alvarez, Corona, Funes, Gutierrez, Lozano.

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