The Top Iconic Racing Cars At Lemans

The 24-hour Lemans is not only the pinnacle of road racing and the oldest racing competition in the world that is still in competition today. It has been taken part in the Circuit de la Sarthe in France and has been a part of the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship (WEC) system since 2012. It is sometimes compared to the victory at this tournament. with the WEC all-season champion.

To compete at Lemans, instead of just focusing on creating a speed-racing car-like F1, manufacturers are also required to make a vehicle that is reliable to be able to withstand. 24 hours of continuous racing.

Jaguar XJR-6

The Top Iconic Racing Cars At Lemans

Equipped with the V12 engine, 680 horsepower capacity at 6500 cycle tour, designed by Tony, the car only takes a season to win for both the driver and the whole manufacturer in the Sports Car Championship system. The car also won twice at the Lemans before being replaced in 1986.

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Ford GT40 Mark II

When Enzo Ferrari refused to sell the entire Ferrari company to Ford at the last minute of the negotiation process, Enzo himself inspired the most interesting proof of “You die”. Irritated by the lack of a Ferrari, Henry Ford II instructed the company’s racing division to beat Ferrari at any cost in this tournament. As a result, the Ford GT40 was born and won 1-2-3 history at Lemans 1966. This success is that the premise for GT40 to return to the present tournament and win 3 more victories.

Audi R10 TDI

Using a 5.5-liter V12 and two parallel turbochargers for 700 horsepower, diesel fuel instead of gasoline as traditional, the car is almost unbeatable in the peak period. With 5 victories in Lemans and the uniqueness of Audi, the organizers have to change the rules to give more victory to other cars.

Porsche 911

The Top Iconic Racing Cars At Lemans

The Porsche 911 is simply the most successful vehicle when competing in Lemans. Since 1966, 911s have left their mark at this tournament with about 350 appearances and more than 30 victories in each of the categories it competes with. That’s not counting the achievements of the other two cars of the Porsche family: 911 GT1 and 935. And of course, the most impressive 911 when racing at this tournament is the 911 Carrera RSR silver with racing sponsor Martini stamps.

Ferrari 250 GTO

The Top Iconic Racing Cars At Lemans

Possibly the most beautiful race car ever to compete at Lemans, the 250 GTO is the commercial vehicle for competing in the Group 3 Grand Touring. This is one of the last front-wheel-drive cars that can compete with other higher-class cars and has never won the tournament, but the historical value will always stick to the special car this special. The proof is that the 250 GTO is usually within the top of the car with the very best resale value ever with the last time the car was sold to an anonymous buyer for a record of $ 48.5 million.

Ferrari 275 P

Add a Ferrari on the list and be one of the mid-life Ferrari machines. The 275 P made history for the stagecoach as the only Ferrari to win twice at Lemans in 1963 and 1964, respectively.

Bentley Speed ​​6

Referring to Lemans without mentioning Bentley is a flaw. Speed ​​Six is ​​the car that brought glory to the country of fog when winning at the tournament in 1929 and finished with the position 1-2 in 1930.

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