3 strange conditions to date the tennis beauty Bouchard

(Sports news – tennis news) The beautiful tennis player Eugenie Bouchard continues to cause fever when offering 3 conditions for dating on social networks.

An interesting challenge called “All In Challenge”

Recently, Canadian tennis beauty Eugenie Bouchard is participating in an interesting challenge called “All In Challenge”. With the purpose of raising charities for the hard-hit people heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, the beauty born in 1994 is willing to date any fan who pays the highest price.

Tennis beauties show off their fiery beauty
Tennis beauties show off their fiery beauty

Bouchard even adopted the Bumble app with the desire to find the right person to date. Accordingly, in a survey, Bouchard selected an information box with the three most ideal conditions: having a “backyard swimming pool”, “planning unexpected dates” and “not believing.” on things on TV. ” If someone converges on all three, Bouchard may accept dating.

A source on Sun Sports announced last month that a lucky fan had the chance to meet with the former Canadian No. 5 world after spending £ 3,000.

26-year-old tennis player publicly dating online
26-year-old tennis player publicly dating online

Until earlier this month, another fan even paid £ 70,000 just for dinner with the blonde beauty. However, it was a “disaster” day when this guy got food poisoning.

Reportedly, all of the auction proceeds will be transferred to the US charity Bouchard “15 Seconds of Fame”. As confirmed by the organizers, in addition to going out for dinner with Bouchard, the winner and a guest will be able to attend any tournament of their choice, US Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon or Australian Open.

Bouchard is still single
Bouchard is still single

Of course, the flight tickets for the event will also be paid. The winner will even get a racket and sneakers signed by the Canadian player.

Dating wealthy businessman, tennis beauty Bouchard “disillusioned”

The date between the Canadian player – Bouchard and a businessman made Canadian beauties disappointed.

After the online auction in order to create opportunities for fans to have a date with her, Eugenie Bouchard has chosen a businessman who is willing to spend 85 thousand USD to have dinner with her.

In fact, the bidding amount started at 2,500 USD, but the American businessman – Bob Menery won with up to 85 thousand USD to appoint them with the beauty Bouchard.

Bouchard had to answer a question she didn't like when going online with an American businessman over the weekend
Bouchard had to answer a question she didn’t like when going online with an American businessman over the weekend

Over the weekend, the couple made a “virtual” date with an American businessman. Menery began to ask Bouchard about past relationships, current love, and whether the beautiful tennis player wants to have children? The American businessman continued to ask a question about “Bouchard’s worst date”, the Canadian tennis player reluctantly replied, though he seemed dissatisfied.

“Once I went on a date with a guy, we went to the beach and he got food poisoning, he ran to the bathroom and stayed there for 20 minutes. It was really a disaster, it was very bad. We tried to relax on the beach and have fun, but he kept disappearing, going to the bushes, the bathroom, the bad thing kept repeating, “Bouchard said.

On that date, the couple broke up in the evening when they didn’t want to spend more time together, both Bouchard and the other man wanted to return home, after a “catastrophic” day.

The beautiful Canadian admitted that she was uncomfortable talking about past love, saying she wanted to find a man who came for love, not for her reputation.

After chatting with Bouchard through social networks, American businessman Bob Menery pledged to transfer 40,000 USD to charity. This is less than the actual figure of 85 thousand USD before, but this is just a conversation that can not ask for anything more.