MU Took Another Step In The Recruitment Of Rabiot

Man United are determined to beat Arsenal and Everton to recruit midfielder Adrien Rabiot in the summer of 2020.

MU took another step in the recruitment

According to the Daily Mail, Man United is negotiating with Mrs. Veronique, the mother, and representative of midfielder Rabiot. “Red Devils” are the first to make specific moves to recruit him from Juventus. Earlier, Arsenal and Everton were thought to be the two clubs ready to welcome him.

Rabiot has no future at Juventus.
Rabiot has no future at Juventus.

Rabiot has just spent the first season with Juventus. The French midfielder joined Juventus from PSG on a free transfer. However, he could not compete in the main stone position in the “Old Lady” squad. According to some sources from Italy, he was not popular with coach Maurizio Sarri because he looked down on the team’s common discipline.

He has played a total of 24 games this season, and contributed below expectations. MU is expected to spend no less than 25 million euros to recruit him. Juventus had intended to use him as part of the Paul Pogba deal, but this scenario is unlikely.

Arsenal wants to recruit Rabiot to play alongside Matteo Guendouzi. Meanwhile, coach Carlo Ancelotti wants to reunite him at Everton.

Rabiot is only 25 years old and has plenty of time to regain his form. This midfielder problem is undisciplined. He was once pushed down by PSG to the youth team, not allowed to play because of criticism of the leadership. After that, he removed himself from the reserve list of the France team at the 2018 World Cup. He has no way back to France.

Rabiot opposed Juventus, wanting to join MU

In the context of Cristiano Ronaldo and the stars who joined forces with Juventus, Adrien Rabiot remained calm in France for the purpose of opposing the club.

According to the Daily Mail, Rabiot refused to join because of his dissatisfaction with Juventus’ pay cut plan. Two months ago, “Old Lady” announced that all players in the first team would reduce their wages in 3 months. He lost 7 million pounds and he was not happy about this.

Action from Rabiot is advised by Ms. Veronique, the mother, and representative of the French midfielder. He was the only player to ignore Juventus’ orders to join the team, as the other players were counting the days to get back.

Rabiot's time at Juventus is coming to an end.
Rabiot’s time at Juventus is coming to an end.

Gonzalo Higuain is also not present in Turin. However, Juventus allowed Higuain to join forces late to focus on caring for his ill mother.

Rabiot’s future at Juventus has been the focus of the press for a week. According to sources from Italy, coach Maurizio Sarri has removed him from the plan right now. “Proof of horse” once of PSG is likely to bid farewell to Juventus after one year of joining on a free transfer.

Rabiot is interested in many famous clubs. Man United is said to be the ideal port of him. According to Corrire di Torino, he considers MU to be the best choice for the upcoming transfer period.