The Reason Why MU Exploded Grealish “Blockbuster” Fernandes Pair

Midfielder Jack Grealish is ready to find a new destination to develop his career. And what could be more wonderful than the Old Trafford yard ready to spread the red carpet to take him home.

The reason why MU exploded Grealish “blockbuster” Fernandes pair

“Old Trafford is definitely my favorite game in the Premier League. Scoring here is a great thing. I always wanted to play at Old Trafford. ” Jack Grealish excitedly shared about the goal helping Aston Villa draw 2-2 against MU in the English Premier League.

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Grealish is an important goal of MU
Grealish is an important goal of MU

Through the above sharing, Grealish actually broadcasted signals to MU. That he wanted to play under the Old Trafford dome, alongside expensive stars and conquer noble titles under the Solskjaer dynasty.

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Last time, information MU wanted to recruit midfielder Jack Grealish was posted more and more. The Aston Villa midfielder is one of the most talented midfielders of English football with 7 goals and 6 assists in this season. After the signing of Bruno Fernandes has been successful, coach Ole Solskjaer still wants more creative materials and is considering Jack Grealish to be an ideal complement when Paul Pogba moves.

In February, Goal reported that Jack Grealish had agreed to personal terms to join MU next season. Although this is just a “verbal agreement”, but according to Manchester Evening News, Jack Grealish sooner or later belongs to MU when there are 5 reasons for him to nod to Old Trafford.

The reason to shine with MU

Firstly, joining United may help Grealish guarantee a place in England. If he continues to play for Aston Villa and is at risk of relegation (ranked 19th), he will lose the future. But in the case of joining MU, the 24-year-old midfielder will force “Three Lions” coach Gareth Southgate to pay much attention to him.

Solskjaer arranged he to play Bruno
Solskjaer arranged he to play Bruno

For the next two reasons, Jack Grealish will be experienced in a big club. His talent is far beyond the scope of a team the size of Aston Villa. By going to the “theater of dreams”, he has more opportunities to achieve success. At this time, the “Red Devil” of Manchester owns 11 Premier League titles and has a massive treasure trophy in the traditional room.

In addition, Grealish will be alongside the best stars in the world. Especially if the deal is completed, Bruno Fernandes and he will be two conductors in the middle of MU. In the past, Bruno Fernandes was the captain of Sporting Lisbon. As for Jack Grealish, he is the captain of the Aston Villa captain’s armband.

And finally, MU are competing strongly for a place in the UEFA Champions League. If Man City is banned from playing next season, the ticket will be awarded to MU in the fifth position. Not to mention, “Red Devils” will also qualify if winning the Europa League. Therefore, breathing the air in the continental arena will eventually be something that Grealish can hardly deny MU.
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