The ranking guide with Leona: How to use effective Leona

How to use effective Leona is one of the tough things for gamers. Leona is known as the CC machine when it has 3 skills to cause control effects, Leona has always been a strong choice in the ranking ranks as well as in the professional arena throughout the past seasons. And in this article, let’s analyze and find out how to use effective Leona.

How to use effective Leona
How to use effective Leona


For the main summoner specialist, how to use effective Leona with a champion that has many CC effects and often has to rush into the opponent team like Leona, the main gem Du Chan will definitely be the most suitable choice for her. as it gives her a bit more resilience every time she swings at an opponent, thereby increasing Leona’s survivability during fights. Devastating Destruction in the first slot will be the best choice for Leona because besides increasing the ability to destroy the opponent’s buildings, the other gem points in this tile are not really suitable for the skill set by Leona. In the second gem box, you can choose any gem branch depending on your opponent. In the remaining gem, Fill out will be the optimal choice to increase Leona’s health.

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For each Leona, summoner specialist will have its own strength
For each Leona, summoner specialist will have its own strength

For the extra summoner specialist, the Inspiration Gem Board will be the most suitable choice for Leona and how to use effective Leona. Magical Flash is chosen by the majority of players as it provides additional tools to close the distance with the target and approach the opponent unexpectedly. Regarding the other branch, Perfect Time gives Leona an amulet in dangerous situations and helps him save gold if he wants to give himself the Pet Statue, Biscuits Supply will help Leona stay. Longer road when facing strong aggressive champions, besides, Universe is also an option that you can consider with the ability to reduce your cooldown.


Q – Sunlight, one of Leona’s powerful crowd control tools. Also, with the ability to reset basic attacks, the story of how to use effective Leona is also a notable issue. If fast enough, you can completely destroy the eye that the opponent just plugged out with the basic attack combo -> Q -> normal attack. This mechanism also helps you to destroy turrets faster as well as exchange powerful moves with opponents in the laning phase when you can both stun and have to hit your opponent up to three times in a row to take a quantity of big blood.

W – The eclipse gives Leona extremely fearsome stamina, even at early levels. In skill-swap situations, use W to minimize the damage taken. If you want to use it when you want to initiate a fight, it should only be used when the opponent cannot see you or when you are activating E because if you use it and there is a sign of advancing, the opponent will immediately realize your intention to attack to retreat or prepare yourself for dodging other attacks. Some players often make this mistake and lose their chances of getting kills.

Leona’s Raising Order

E – Shield of Daybreak is the only tool in Leona’s skill set that allows her to reach her target and also one of the ways to help you understand how to use effective Leona. However, you need to note a few things after each use of this technique. You can use it as a tool to help allies quickly clear the minions because the blade of the sun launched will damage all targets on the way and mark their passive on them. If your ally has extensive damage skills, as long as you use E and your ally use the skill is enough to immediately wipe that wave.

The R – Zenith Blade is Leona’s terrifying combat opener where it can be activated from far away with its short cooldown and slow and stun. This is a tool that makes Leona very powerful in a roaming situation when you can use it from outside of the opponent’s line of sight, making them suspicious and unable to react. If the opponent is stunned or slowed, you will have enough time to approach and add effects that will force them to lose their Summoner spells or be killed.

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