The Most Famous Siblings In The Professional CS: GO World

In the professional CS: GO world, there are many couples who are competing with interesting details that are not known.

Nivera – ScreaM – famous CS: GO brothers

The Kingdom of Belgium places its name on the professional CS: GO map with ScreaM, a very famous player with one-tap scenes with extremely high accuracy and satisfying viewers.

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Dubbed the “Headshot Machine”, in the past he has played for very strong international teams such as VeryGames, Titan, G2 Esports, Team Kinguin, Team Envy, … however, ScreaM’s gameplay was also pointed out. excerpts are colorful, ineffective in the professional arena and recently he is no longer playing professionally but only streams privately. However, few people know that he has a younger brother and that is Nivera, promising young talent on the way to creating a name for himself.

Nivera officially joined Heretics in March 2020
Nivera officially joined Heretics in March 2020

Nivera is only 18 years old this year and although he has only been a professional player for more than a year, in March 2020 he joined Team Heretics, an emerging and promising name of the French CS with very good results. positive in recent times. Nivera’s latest achievement with his teammates is 6th place at ESL One: Road to Rio, after losing to NiP 1-2 in the 5-6 position. According to the teammates who have played with Nivera, he has a lot of potentials and with the guidance of the men at Heretics, Nivera is gradually escaping from the shadow of ScreaM and building the name for himself.

huNter- NIKo

This is probably one of the most famous brothers in the CS: GO world when both HuNter- and NIKo are extremely talented players and are playing in the IGL position for the top teams in the world. With huNter-, since leaving CR4ZY and joining G2 Esports with his nexa teammate, he has really revived this team and contributed to bringing CS France back to the world CS: GO map after a while. quite a long absence.

As for NIKo, since joining with the name FaZe Clan (February 2017), he has quickly become the face of this team of superstars. After karrigaN left the team, NIKo took the IGL position for the team, and although this had a lot of influence on his personal performance; However, with the joining of coldzera, FaZe Clan’s recent performance is quite good and always in the top 10 of HLTV.

Although they are just cousins, NIKO and huNter- have a very good relationship and always give compliments and encouragement to each other after each confrontation. After defeating the FaZe Clan at the StarLadder Berlin Major (back then huNter- still in CR4ZY), he shared, “I don’t want to face NIKo and I feel sad when he loses.”

NIKo and huNter- at StarLadder Berlin Major
NIKo and huNter- at StarLadder Berlin Major


HEN1 and LUCAS1 are very famous siblings in the CS: GO community in Brazil. As a pair of twins, both played for many professional teams such as Não Tem Como, Immortals, 100T, Luminosity, FURIA, … The best achievement of this duo is the runner-up position. at Major PGL Krakow 2017 after losing to Gambit Esports 1-2 in the grand final.

However, the name of the duo is also associated with dramas and has been commented by many former teammates as “undisciplined, unprofessional”. One of the duo’s most popular dramas was late at the DreamHack Montreal final, which led the Immortals to lose the first map and lose 0-2 to the final.

According to rumors, the duo and their teammates had stopped drinking the night before, resulting in late arrivals and poor performance. The duo is also well known after joining 100Thieves at the end of 2017 and leaving just two months later without ever playing an official match.

The duo HEN1 and LUCAS1 in the shirt Immortals
The duo HEN1 and LUCAS1 in the shirt Immortals

Another interesting thing about this couple is that they also have a brother who also had time to play CS 1.6 and CS: GO professionally with the nickname “pbf1”.

Cooper – Freakazoid (CS: GO)

Freakazoid is a well-known name in the North American CS: GO community with over 10 years of professional play, both CS: S and CS: GO. In his career, he has played for many teams such as Echo Fox, eUnited, Ghost Gaming and the most famous is Cloud9 with names like Skadoodle, n0thing, or shroud.

In recent years he has been playing for Swole Patrol and among his teammates is Cooper, who is 3 years younger than him. The relationship between the two had a problem when in November 2018 Cooper unexpectedly left the team just before the time of the team lockout, causing Freakazoid to resent and have tweets criticizing his younger brother.

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