The organizers of La Liga, Premier League rescheduled the day

The Premier League and La Liga are likely to postpone the next kicking day for various reasons.

The Premier League has not finalized the official schedule to continue

Vietnamese football has marked a return to the matches in the National Cup, German football has also organized two rounds of the Bundesliga quite smoothly. But football fans are still focusing their attention on the other major European leagues, Ligue 1 is over but hopes to continue watching the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A remain.

The situation in the Premier League shows that although the tournament will not cancel because of very complicated financial issues, the next kick is increasingly difficult to predict. Many clubs oppose the plan due to concerns over players’ health, and in some cases individuals have expressed their intention not to re-practice because they do not want to cause safety for the health of their loved ones.

The returns of the Premier League has not been agreed
The returns of the Premier League has not been agreed

Although the British government has given the Premier League “green light” and the lower leagues are planned to continue, according to the Daily Mail the kickoff date could be pushed down until June 26 to please the teams. Do not agree to return to practice because of health concerns. And delaying this expected next day will only make the day of the season ends can be inserted on the next season start.

This week the Premier League will continue to discuss scheduling and training, based on the epidemic situation in the UK. But the press warned that if the incident took too long, not only would English football be late, but it would also upset the scheduling until 2022.

Isolation legal players affect the La Liga tournament

As for La Liga, this tournament has been allowed by the Spanish government to return after June 8, but in a short time the organizers of the tournament have had to deal with bad incidents from the coach and player teams. After coach Zinedine Zidane was accused of breaking the isolation rules, leaving his home to go to the outskirts of Madrid, a more serious incident happened to the Sevilla club.

A picture of four Sevilla players and their wives gathered together to break the law of isolation
A picture of four Sevilla players and their wives gathered together to break the law of isolation

According to the country’s press, the four players of Sevilla – Lucas Ocampos, Franco Vazquez, Luuk de Jong, and Ever Banega – not only gathered together but even took their wives with them. The incident took place last Saturday and at this gathering 12 people showed up, while Spanish citizens were being asked not to gather more than 10 people in one place.

The midfielder’s wife also posted a photo of the party on social networks and even then the picture was deleted, it was not difficult for the online community to take the picture and spread it everywhere. All four players then apologized to fans and clubs on social media.

Sevilla said they would have severe punishments for all four players but for now they are still being trained normally. As for the La Liga organizers, they have to consider the possibility of postponing the day of the competition, in addition to possibly adding penalties to the players and coaches of teams that violate the isolation rules to internal punishment.