The Premier League rips up the Barcelona lineup

Up to 9 Barcelona players are in the sights of the Premier League teams. This list includes on-loan players who can be sold and even stars like Antoine Griezmann.

The Premier League rips up the Barcelona lineup

The British press is giving reasons for Barcelona to be alert before the summer transfer.

There are countless rumors linking Catalan players with the move to the Premier League.

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The list, revealed by the Mirror, includes nine names. Even big names like Antoine Griezmann are on the list. Messi is not.

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The media revealed that the Covid-19 crisis was adversely affecting Barcelona, ​​but more importantly, the Catalan team needed to sell players to earn enough 70 million euros to close the season’s financial books. If Barcelona needs to sell stars, the market is more attractive than the Premier League.

The newspaper claimed that Antoine Griezmann was the transfer target of Manchester United as well as Luis Suarez and Ousmane Dembele.

Ivan Rakitic and Arturo Vidal needless to say, the names were put on the floor early when the possibility of them leaving the Camp Nou was very close. 

Samuel Umtiti, Nelson Semedo, and Sergi Roberto are also interested in many English clubs if they have attractive prices.

The ninth player on the list is Philippe Coutinho, which is Barcelona’s big investment, but he did not meet expectations. The Brazilian has already expired on loan at Bayern and although he insists Setien will find him a place in the Barca squad, he is unlikely to stay.

Griezmann, Umtiti, and Coutinho have been linked with Manchester United while the rest is the pursuit of Tottenham, Everton, and Newcastle.

Interestingly, this list is similar to the Sport published a few weeks ago, which refers to the players that Barca will have to sell to try and balance the budget.

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Why does Barca need to sell players, Coutinho included urgently to collect 70 million euros?

The club has set a budget of 124 million euros in sales this season, but so far has only earned 54 million. So they will have to sell off the players, Coutinho in the next few weeks. The situation would have been harder if La Liga had resumed.

Fans expect Liga to resume, but Barcelona officials will be on the move as the season continues, forcing them to race to earn enough money before the cruel time, June 30-.

Barcelona is putting itself in a complicated scenario at the end of the season. Financial troubles. Marca newspaper today revealed that Barca will still have to make 70 million euros in revenue before the season ends on … 30-6.

The newspaper confirmed that the club set player sales totaling 124 million euros in the period 2019-2020, but the reality is that they are now very far from that number.

This is not the first time that the same thing has happened to them and that is why, in so many past transfers, Barca has often sold players, mostly sold quickly, in order to close the books, calculated last year, but this year everything will be difficult.

Selling Coutinho will solve Barca’s problem.

If La Liga resumes, the season will last until August, Barcelona will have very little time to meet the 30-6 deadline because they will not be able to sell players before the end of the tournament.

Up to now, according to Marca sources, Barca’s player sales amounted to 54 million euros. The figure includes 10 million from Malcolm and Palencia; 8.5 million from Coutinho; nearly 30 million from loan agreements Abel Ruiz, Carlés Perez, Marqués and Todibo; 6 million from Cucurella.

Barca hoped to sell Coutinho to Bayern, but the Bavarians did not make this option, so they could not make a figure of 120 million euros, which could help 40 million in the sale.

Although there are still many players who can sell to bring in a lot of money. Todibo, for example, can contribute an additional 20 million euros and Rafinha about 16 million, but that does not help them to collect 70 million euros to close the season, and that is why Barca will have to sell any major players. in the next few weeks.

Once again, Barcelona will be in trouble on June 30- if football returns.

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