The Premier League player- Grealish is under police investigation

Midfielder Jack Grealish was accused of causing a traffic collision when driving a car into two cars parked on the side of the road, during a complicated translation in the UK.

Suspected Villa midfielder Jack Grealish was involved in a traffic collision 

According to The Guardian, West Midlands police department, the UK held the investigation after the photo of suspected Villa midfielder Jack Grealish was involved in a traffic collision that was posted on social networks.

In a statement about the incident, the West Midlands police force said: “We received a call from Waterside, Dickens Heath about 10 o’clock notice of a car crashed into two cars parked on the side of the road. “The car left information that one of the members who caused the accident was a celebrity. After that, this person walked away from the scene. The police will summon the relevant people in the near future.”

Jack Grealish is suspected of causing traffic collisions in England.
Jack Grealish is suspected of causing traffic collisions in England.

The collision did not cause damage to people but only caused two cars to be slightly damaged. The image appeared on social media showing a white car next to the captain Aston Villa, who wore slippers and a blue hoodie.

A witness confirmed to Sportsmail that this is Grealish. The midfielder was accompanied by former player Tony Capaldi. The two were spotted leaving the home of Ross McCormack, a former teammate at Aston Villa. The car that caused the accident was priced at 78,000 euros. Previously, Grealish had come to the club’s training ground with the same model.

Less than a day after the incident, Man Utd’s goal was to post videos on social networks to call fans at home to the complicated situation of the epidemic. In the video, he said: “To save people, you have to stay at home. Just get out of your way to buy food, medicine or exercise and always remember to be 2 m apart.” The midfielder in 1995 and Aston Villa have not yet released a statement about the incident.

At Villa Park, Grealish wore the captain’s armband and earned a salary of 50,000 euros per week. This season, the England midfielder played 31 matches in all competitions, scored 9 goals and had 8 assists. Man Utd is said to be working hard to bring Grealish to Old Trafford at the transfer window next summer.

The former Liverpool striker advised Grealish to join Man United

Emile Heskey, the former Liverpool striker, thinks that Manchester United is a suitable destination for Jack Grealish, the leading public midfielder of England at this time.

“I think Jack will play very well at Man United. He is the leader-winning midfielder that United have lacked lately. Now they have Bruno Fernandes but they also need an active midfielder. He was very fit and could play well in many positions, “Evening Standard quoted Heskey.

Heskey judged that Grealish would suit Man United's play
Heskey judged that Grealish would suit Man United’s play

In addition, the former England striker told more about the time he trained with Grealish. Heskey also played for Aston Villa in the period of 2009-2012.

He has been carrying everything on his shoulders since he was a young player. He is a young captain but has done a good job of doing that. Jack stayed at Aston Villa longer than people thought and now it is time for him to leave to make progress in his career. Besides, Aston Villa also collected a decent amount of money, “Heskey said.

Recently, British media reported that coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants to recruit one of the two leading public midfielders of England, Grealish and James Maddison. Man United are more likely to succeed with the Grealish deal because Aston Villa is in danger of relegation.

Meanwhile, Maddison competed well with his teammates in Leicester City and helped “Foxes” ranked third in the Premier League rankings of 2019/20.
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