After the 3rd test, the Premier League had 12 people positive

A further 4 cases were positive during the third Covid-19 test, bringing the total number of cases up to 12 – including Premier League club players and staff.

After the 3rd test, the Premier League had 12 people positive
The club can begin to allow players to practice antagonistic exercises. 

4 positive cases among 1,008 test samples

Accordingly, a total of 1,008 test samples were conducted on Monday and Tuesday, and further identified 4 positive cases at 3 clubs. Thus, in all 3 test cycles, it is confirmed that there is a positive case, but it can be seen that the percentage of positive cases decreases significantly compared to the number of test pieces increasing with each batch.

Specifically, in the first wave on 17 and 18-5, the number of positive cases was 6 after a total of 748 test samples from the players and club staff. In the next test from 19 to 22-5, only two positive cases were identified in 996 samples.

It has not been determined whether 4 positive cases in 1,008 samples of the new test were players, staff, or both, or whether there were any positive results related to those who just returned after isolation 7. days or not. However, the Premier League has confirmed it will continue to expand the number of people who will have to go through career tests at clubs, from 50 to 60 in the sampling period from Thursday to Friday.

These poor results were announced shortly after Wednesday, reaching an agreement that clubs could start allowing players to practice countervailing exercises. But it should be stressed that the recent consensus is not absolute when there are still some clubs expressed concern about the safety level when players began to contact each other. But, at least this contact training is an important step to being able to resume the Premier League next month.

It is expected that clubs will continue to meet again today to discuss broader details of their efforts to return – but also include “sensitive” topics such as whether the season will be stopped if It is not considered safe to continue.

The return of the Premier League is coming soon?

The Premier League organizers have just voted to find out the optimal training method for the clubs next time.

According to the Telegraph, organizers of the Premier League confirmed the clubs can return to training after the voting took place on 27/5. “The teams will be focused on training in the near future,” the top league in England announced.

The move marks a new step to restart the tournament with the goal of safety first. At this time, clubs can practice in small groups and minimize close contact. The Premier League’s top priority is still the health and benefits of the players and the participants.

After the 3rd test, the Premier League had 12 people positive
Clubs in the UK are gradually allowed to concentrate on training again.

Each club must strictly follow medical procedures to ensure safety during training. Staff and players will be tested on Covid-19 twice per week.

The leaders of Premier League allow clubs to return to training based on comments from players, coaches and the British government. In the coming time, many meetings will be held to discuss the best plan to restart the tournament with the best possible conditions.

Before the Premier League, La Liga decided to return the clubs to training. They also determined the time to restart the season began on 11/6 and ended on 19/7. The Bundesliga has started its game early since May 16.

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