The Premier League football fields will be closed for Covid-19

The most concerned football news of MU, Liverpool and other clubs’ fear is imminent when the Premier League organizers have planned to close the fields to prevent the Covid-19 Epidemic.

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Fatal Epidemic is Booming in Euro

According to the Daily Mail football news, the Covid-19 Epidemic outbreak is booming in the UK with 460 cases reported as of March 12 (Hanoi time). If 40 new cases are recorded, that means a total of 500 cases, the English Premier League will trigger the option of organizing matches without an audience.

The matches in the Premier League will be fully played live on television. Even so, the places watching football crowded in the foggy country did not play matches.

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An on-field pitch without an audience is the Premier League's first solution against Covid-19 Epidemic.
An on-field pitch without an audience is the Premier League‘s first solution against Covid-19 Epidemic.

Prior to that, the Serie A tournament football news was considered postponed to at least April. The La Liga organizers have approved a plan to ban the audience for two weeks. However, clubs and players reacted strongly, asking La Liga to postpone to avoid affecting professional quality.

A series of matches in the Champions League and Europa League was disturbed because of the representatives of Italy. Getafe club declared not to Italy as Inter guests, accepted to be disqualified for health. UEFA must postpone this match, similar to the match between Sevilla and AS Roma.

On the morning of March 12, Juventus made European football chaos when declaring defender Daniele Rugani positive for Corona virus. The Italian press is concerned that Rugani could infect Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates at Juventus, when three days ago, he appeared in the match against Inter. Inter team also announced to cancel all activities to monitor the health of the player.

Premier League awaits ruling because of Covid-19 pandemic: Continued kick or postponed?

The controversial football news is that the Premier League and other football leagues in the UK are affected by the Covid-19 Epidemic virus.

The UK Government will announce its anti-pandemicCovid-19 Epidemic plan by requiring the cancellation of mass gatherings and sporting events among them. According to The Times, it is likely that football matches in the UK will take place on the field without spectators until the end of the season.

Will Premier League matches played on an empty field from now till the end of the season?
Will Premier League matches played on an empty field from now till the end of the season?

The Times said this season will not be postponed but matches will close the pitch to keep the audience in the stands. In return, the organizers of the football leagues will provide a service to watch online matches for people who buy tickets for the whole season or buy retail tickets.

Not only banning the audience to the field, but the match broadcast on television and English football culture also has a tradition of fans coming to the pubs to gather to watch the matches. This will also be strictly banned, and for the Premier League alone, matches will not be held within the local time frame of 15:00.

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The number of cases of Covid-19 Epidemic virus in the UK is currently at 460 and today, a meeting of the Government Council will decide to issue the decree if the number of infected people exceeds 500. FA, Premier League officials and the lower leagues are waiting for news from the government to prepare.

There has been a Premier League match this season affected by the Covid-19 Epidemic virus, a compensatory match between Man City and Arsenal scheduled to take place on the night of March 11 has been postponed after the owner of Olympiakos Club in Greece was positive with the virus. The Arsenal players are said to have met him two weeks ago while playing in the Europa League. West Ham players are also being checked because they met Arsenal last weekend.

Also according to The Times, the final decision on organizing matches in England or Premier League will be made today 12/3 local time.
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