The Premier League announced a return date after the Covid-19 pandemic

Today, May 18 Premier League will announce the time to continue playing, so that the 20 clubs start the training process again.

The Premier League will announce the return

The British Telegraph recently said on Monday, May 18, the Premier League organizers will issue a statement to the public about the organization to continue the 2019/20 season. The publication will include information about return dates, exercise plans, health safety measures, and other guidelines.

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The Telegraph newspaper said before the clubs had reached a consensus on the date the Premier League to continue playing, it would be June 19 and from now until that time 20 teams will have about 5 weeks to prepare to play. After the announcement is made today, on May 19, training activities will be carried out.

The Premier League will announce a new return time  for June 19 on May 18

In addition, the agreement to choose neutral pitches to host the match will be voted as early as Friday this week, but sooner or less depending on the announcements made today. It is known that teams against the neutral football plan such as Watford or Chelsea, etc.  have been persuaded by the organizers and given certain solutions to temporarily reassure them.

Previously, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Arsenal and many other teams have voiced their opposition to the neutral football plan, according to the BTC the Premier League proposals to minimize the risks associated with the COVID – 19 epidemic. 

Sharing to the press, Mr. Master said: “I think every club wants and wants to play at home and away if they are allowed to do so. We are still negotiating with the government about the terms and conditions for the Premier League to return soon. Currently, there are still a number of obstacles, but it seems that it is not a big problem when the parties are still trying to find ways to solve in a constructive spirit.

There are a few clubs that have confirmed that they have the ability and position to allow good control over fan-related issues. Therefore, the need to play in neutral courts is almost unnecessary. However, at present, we still have not been able to decide soon to meet the club’s wishes or not. Above all, all decisions must be made with great consensus and consensus.

The Premier League’ll punish stars

Returning to the Premier League plan come back, to safety measures, the Telegraph said there will be about 1,600 tests a week and each club will be allocated 80 checks per week, each member of a club can be tested up to 2 times within 7 days. All testing fees will be paid by the Premier League, not through the British government medical examination system. 

The clubs have an agreement but the players will still be worried about the situation and they will also have the support of the PFA Professional Player Association. An unnamed senior official from the Premier League organizers recently told Sky Sports if players still think about refusing to train, clubs should cut their salaries.

“I really don’t think those players should be paid. Each player has a different contract with the host club, but the point is that once he is paid, the least he can do is to appear at the training ground. Yes, our opinion is that the player paid to come to practice, not just the day the game will appear” the official said.

The Premier League
Some players like Troy Deeney of Watford Troy expressed health concerns when they had to rehearse

“If you ask anyone on the street, in these difficult times, if that person will dare to practice and play football with the players who have been checked twice a week and received £60,000 a week, I guarantee that almost everyone will agree. The hesitation of these guys annoys me.”

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