The Premier League 2020 takes place in an unprecedented way?

For the first time in history, the Premier League 2020 could end with holding a play-off round to determine positions.

The Premier League 2020 takes place in an unprecedented way
Following the latest meeting on April 23, UEFA has issued guidelines for Europe’s top leagues.

UEFA meeting: Premier can be closed by play-off

The UEFA announcement stated that the tournaments must be re-organized in June and end by August 3. In the event that the tournament cannot be completed, one of the proposals of the leading organization in European football is to make a play-off round to determine the champions, teams to attend the European Cup and the relegation team.

In the Premier League 2020, Liverpool is the club leading the rankings. Juergen Klopp’s army is 25 points far from the 2nd team and only 6 points behind the championship.

In the worst case scenario, the season could not go as planned. UEFA will require the member country’s football federation to determine the teams participating in the 2020/21 European Cup according to “sports performance”. This factor is based on the club’s performance in the 2019/20 season tournaments.

The Times offers another idea to identify key Premier League 2020 positions in case the season cannot be completed. It is determining the rankings of the teams through the score on each match.

With this calculation, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, Leicester are the top 4 teams. Man Utd, Sheffield will be the two teams in the group to attend the Europa League.

English Newspaper: The Premier League will end on July 31

On April 23, the British newspaper The Sun published information that Premier League clubs are committed to doing everything to end the 2019-2020 season on July 31.

The newspaper said that the leaders of the teams all support the plan to bring the top football league in the country back and look forward to starting the training practice from mid-May.

Due to safety concerns for the players as well as the community, there is a high probability that the matches will take place on the field without an audience and be broadcast live. Currently, the Premier League 2020 still has 9 more rounds.

The British Culture Minister, Oliver Dowden, also revealed that the Premier League organizers will negotiate with paid TV channels to broadcast free the remaining matches of the season for free. This will prevent people from gathering to friends’ houses to watch football, breaking the government’s social separation rules and increasing the risk of Covid-19 infection.

As expected, 20 Premier League teams will attend another online meeting on 1-5 to continue to discuss solutions for the return of the season. Of course, the tournament will only continue when the British government allows.

Lars Olsson, president of the European League, also said that domestic competitions, completed by the end of July, will create favorable conditions for the Champions League and the Europa League to return in August as planned.

Earlier, the president of the European Football Federation (UEFA), Mr. Aleksander Ceferin, also asked the organizers of the national championship tournaments in Europe to have a plan to roll the ball back no later than mid-June in order to spend August for the European Cup.

If the COVID-19 epidemic of European countries is under control, other major leagues such as Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 may also return in this time period.

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