The Premier League 20 Does Not Kick All 90min, What’ll Happen?

If the Premier League 20 only kicks 60-75 minutes/game from the beginning of the season, there will be quite a lot of changes in the rankings.

If the Premier League 20 does not kick all 90 minutes: MU reached the Top 4, surprised Newcastle

Premier League 20 officials are considering a range of options to ensure the safety of players and staff when the season returns during the uncontrolled pandemic period, including the use of stadiums. Neutral and increase the number of players replaced in each match.

The Premier League 20 Does Not Kick All 90min
MU benefits if the matches do not kick all 90 minutes

The latest, Premier League 20 CEO Gordon Taylor has come up with another option, which is to shorten the playing time of each half in matches. “We have to wait, not knowing what the future will be like, now what we can do is to come up with ideas. More players can be substituted, each round may not take up to 45 minutes, playing on neutral ground. A lot of things”, Mr. Taylor shared on BBC Radio 4.

Based on this statement, DailyMail has immediately released a ranking of the Premier League 20 with 60 minutes/game and 75 minutes/match since the beginning of the season. The results show that there are quite a few surprises.

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Premier League 20 table if only kicked 60 minutes/game from the beginning of this season

MatchWinDrawLoseGoalFailFactorScoreIncrease / decrease compared to reality
1. Liverpool29214443123167-15
2. Manchester City28157642192352-5
3. Chelsea291559391920502
4. Manchester United29137928208461
5. Leicester City291111731171444-9
6. Sheffield United28128820137441
7. Tottenham Hotspur29101093225740-1
8. Everton2991372628-2403
9. Southampton29117112530-5406
10. Arsenal2891272626039-1
11. West Ham United29116122529-43912
12. Watford29108112026-63811
13. Burnley29810111729-1234-5
14. Bournemouth2988132128-7325
15. Crystal Palace2988131222-1032-7
16. Brighton and Hove Albion29612111525-10301
17. Aston Villa2886141930-11305
18. Newcastle United29512121427-1327-8
19. Wolverhampton Wanderers29511132029-926-17
20. Norwich City29511131536-21265

The top spot still belongs to Liverpool on both rankings. In the ranking of 60 minutes / game, The Kop is 15 points higher than Man City after 29 games, with 67 points in hand (15 points less than the actual rankings). This is because they lost up to 4 matches and had the same number of draws. In the rankings 75 minutes / game, they are 16 points more than Man City – with a total of 72 points in hand (10 points less than the actual). The Kop in this ranking lost 3 and drew 3.

The race to the Top 4 in the rankings 60 minutes/match proved attractive when MU is the most beneficial team. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team – currently ranked 5th with 45 points – will jump to 4th with 46 points. This is because Leicester City fell from 3rd to 5th because it was down 9 points compared to the actual. 6th place team Sheffield United has a great opportunity to replace MU when there is still 1 match and only 2 points behind.

Premier League table if only kicked 75 minutes/game from the beginning of this season

MatchWinDrawLoseGoalFailFactorScoreIncrease / decrease compared to reality
1. Liverpool29233352153772-10
2. Manchester City28175652223056-1
3. Leicester City291410544232152-1
4. Chelsea291559432716502
5. Manchester United2913610362313450
6. Arsenal281111632293444
7. Sheffield United28116112322139-4
8. Everton29108113035-5381
9. Burnley29107122333-1037-2
10. Tottenham Hotspur2999113935436-5
11. Crystal Palace2999111623-736-3
12. Watford2998122432-8358
13. Southampton2998122942-13351
14. Wolverhampton Wanderers2961672929034-9
15. West Ham United2989123239-7336
16. Bournemouth2988132638-12325
17. Aston Villa2878132741-14294
18. Norwich City2977152241-19287
19. Brighton and Hove Albion2968152133-1226-3
20. Newcastle United29511131735-1826-9

The fact that Arsenal are only equal in points with West Ham in the middle of this table is not surprising by the position of Wolves. Nuno Santo’s team are in fact hunting for a place in the Champions League, finishing sixth with 43 points. But in this ranking, they are penultimate when they are down 17 points compared to reality, just over Norwich City in goal difference.

Newcastle, who are ahead of Wolves and Norwich in the table 60 minutes/game, even stand in the table at 75 minutes/game, with only 26 points after 29 matches – 9 points lower than in reality, with only 5 victories and scored 17 goals. The disadvantage for Newcastle was more clearly visible against Southampton on March 7, when they won 1-0 in reality, but the Allan Saint-Maximin goal was scored in the 79th minute, so no is calculated in the table 75 minutes/match.