The One Who Cries Because Of EURO 2021

The fact that EURO 2020 has to reschedule for 2021 is good news for many players. On the other hand, it also made many people “cry”. On March 17, the European Football Federation (UEFA) officially announced turning EURO 2020 into EURO 2021 due to the outbreak of the current epidemic.

Immediately, this information made many players happy because most of them are in the convalescence period, need more time to recover.

Meanwhile, seniors who are at the end of their careers must experience bitterness, because they do not know if they can withstand another year to attend the biggest football festival in Europe or not.

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Here are two different extremes when it is reported that EURO 2020 is postponed to 2021.

The players happy silently

Eden Hazard

The Belgian star suffered an injury against Levante in February, so he has to take a long-term absence. Hazard is even diagnosed to miss EURO 2020 with Belgium. However, fortunately for Hazard when the EURO 2020 has been postponed, the Real Madrid midfielder will have more time to recover and recover to the highest level before the EURO 2021 start in the summer of 2021.

Hugo Lloris

The Tottenham goalkeeper suffered a serious injury against Brighton, and although he returned to play, Lloris’s unconvincing performance put him at risk of losing interest in France in the next match. However, the EURO 2020 delay will give Lloris time to return to the original form.

Ousmane Dembele

After performing surgery in Finland in February, Dembele will be sidelined for the remainder of the season, and thus is likely to sit at home watching EURO 2020. However, the opportunity opens up for the star of Barcelona because he will have more than a year to assert himself, raising hopes of being coach Didier Deschamps called up for France to attend EURO 2021.

The One Who Cries Because Of EURO 2021

Nicolo Zaniolo

In early January of this year, the talented 20-year-old Roma midfielder was seriously injured in the match against Juventus. Zaniola is still in the process of recovery and is likely to only re-export in June. Fortunately, Zaniola did not miss the EURO with Italy.

Marcus Rashford & Harry Kane

Fear enveloped England before EURO 2020 when their two main cannons Rashford and Kane were seriously injured. However, with EURO moving to 2021, coach Gareth Southgate can now fully breathe about the situation of the Three Lions.

Niklas Sule

The Bayern Munich defender had a torn ligament tear in October last year, which made his ability to attend EURO with Germany has been questioned. The good news, however, came to Sule when EURO 2020 became EURO 2021.

The One Who Cries Because Of EURO 2021

The players worry

Manuel Neuer

Neuer’s poor form made his position in the German team wobble wildly. Many argue that Neuer should cede the main interest at Die Mannschaft to the younger and more outstanding young man Marc-Andre ter Stegen. Neuer will turn 35 in the summer of 2021, and this is certainly a big barrier for him.

Luka Modric

The Real Madrid midfielder will be 35 years old at EURO 2021. Modric’s influence in Croatia has diminished somewhat since the 2018 World Cup, and it is unclear whether he will continue to decline when he has to wait another year more to attend the EURO period is probably the last in his career.

Olivier Giroud

Similar to Modric, time no longer waits for Giroud. The striker of Chelsea will be 34 when EURO 2021 starts, and it is not known that he will be stripped from France because the country always has a talented next door. Anyway, Giroud will have one more season to assert his worth.

The One Who Cries Because Of EURO 2021

Toni Kroos

A few months ago, Kroos said that EURO 2020 will be his last tournament with Germany. So will the Real star leave “The Tank” this year, or try to wait until 2021?

Ivan Rakitic

Last December, Rakitic told the press that he planned to withdraw from Croatia after attending EURO 2020. Rakitic has just turned 32, and now he will have to rethink his decision.

Leonardo Bonucci & Giorgio Chiellini

The veteran central defender duo of Italy will be 34 and 37 years old at EURO 2021. Obviously, for these old generals, the waiting for another year is too long, because age no longer supports them.


The center back of Porto is in good shape and looking forward to the EURO 2020 success. However, all went bankrupt when the tournament was postponed to 2021, by the time he was 38 years old.
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