The most hated Bundesliga boss can be a hero in epidemic season

Bundesliga The Corona Virus (Covid-19) vaccine will open a new path for humanity in its journey to fight the disease, and the greatest opportunity is coming from the company of the most hated billionaire in Germany, Dietmar Hopp.

The world press turned its eyes to Germany, Bundesliga 2020 when CureVAC confirmed that it was close to discovering the vaccine to prevent Corona Virus (Covid-19) and was about to conduct clinical trials.

Behind humanity’s great stride on the path to finding a way to combat this terrible plague is CureVAC’s boss and Hoffenheim club owner Dietmar Hopp. He is still known by the nickname “The most hated Bundesliga boss”.

Dietmar Hopp is hated in Germany.

Severe disdain

In the 78th minute between Hoffenheim and Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga 2020 in late February, the referee stopped the match even though the score was 6-0 in favor of strong visitors.

Bayern Munich fans rioted in the stands with humiliating lyrics for Mr. Hopp and a large banner with heavy slander.

That is not the first time, and certainly not the last time the tycoon with assets of up to $ 13.6 billion was insulted and insulted.

Two years ago, Dortmund fans did the same thing to Dietmar Hopp. Consequently, 50 people had to stand in front of the horseshoe rim, 3 were criminal sentences.

The banner threatened to kill Hopp (circled in red) and heavy humiliation.

Even in matches without the appearance of Hoffenheim, the fans also brought Hopp as an insult topic. In the match between Wolfsburg and Union Berlin on 1/3, the visitors in addition to humiliating Hopp also illustrate the hostility by holding up a large photo of his face that is the target of the target.

Few countries in the world are fans who are so bitter of the owner of a club like in Germany in the case of Hopp. The reason this happened was that Dietmar Hopp was against the famous 51 + 49 policy of the Germans.

The policy of a club with less than 50% ownership belongs to a boss who helps German football limit dictatorships like Roman Abramovich with Chelsea or Qatar with PSG. This helps German football to live healthy with its own resources and stand up to the golden storm covering Europe.

Hopp is not that case. He was a special exception in the Bundesliga when he owned a 96% stake in the Hoffenheim club. The fans in Germany so hate Hopp. They claim that he harms the tradition and reputation of German football.

The insults that scold Hopp, thus explode and will not stop.

Billionaire’s dream

With a fortune of up to $ 13.6 billion, Dietmar Hopp is richer than Roman Abramovich. This bottomless wallet can completely turn Hoffenheim into a Man City or PSG version in the Bundesliga and challenge Bayern Munich.

However, this billionaire did not do that. He backed Hoffenheim to go from semi-professional to the Bundesliga in eight years. During that time, he helped the club from childhood to build a stadium, a youth training center, a training center …, but absolutely not over-arming his forehead to recruit stars.

Hopp refused to sell vaccine maker Corona Virus (Covid-19), a vaccine company, for $ 1 billion.

The most expensive player in Hoffenheim’s history, Diadie Samassekou, only cost £ 10.8 million. Hoffenheim’s view is that they will create stars. Roberto Firmino is one such case. Liverpool’s mainstay was recruited by Hoffenheim and given the opportunity when he was 20. The German team waited patiently with Firmino for four years to flash him and then send his diamond to Liverpool for nearly £ 30 million.

Nearly 20 years after Hopp‘s removal of Hoffenheim, the German club has never become a true counterpart to competing for the championship, but the billionaire’s dream is to see the childhood team live well with their own resources. and there is always a bright future ahead.

But now Hopp‘s dream doesn’t stop at football. According to Der Spiegel, CureVAC with him as the largest shareholder is coming closer to finding the Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic vaccine.

He is also willing to produce vaccines for the entire world, not for any country, despite attractive economic offers.The most awkward side to this great news from Dietmar Hopp could be the fans who insulted him. Germany is suffering heavily from Corona Virus (Covid-19) and Dietmar Hopp may be the hero to save them all. At that time, it was difficult for the fans to continue to insult him despite the penalties because he “did not respect the tradition” of Bundesliga and German football.