The Legend Of MU Points Out 5 Mistakes Of The Premier League

Former defender Gary Neville used the word “terrible” to describe the Premier League’s response to the global pandemic and pointed out 5 disastrous mistakes of the Premier League so far.


Leicester’s 4-0 victory over Aston Villa was the last match of the 2019/20 Premier League which took place before the tournament halted. It was on March 9, and this is also the match closing round 29.

The first match to be postponed was a match between Man City and Arsenal at Etihad on March 11, after coach Mikel Arteta tested pandemic positive, leaving all Arsenal players to quarantine themselves. Shortly thereafter, Chelsea winger Callum Hudson-Odoi was also infected, forcing the decision to suspend the Premier League and junior leagues made on March 13.

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According to Neville, the match between March 7 and March 9 should not have happened, because at this time the first case appeared positive for the pandemic virus and the first death in England. Instead of playing, the Premier League should react faster, closing football earlier to protect the players and the fans.

Premier League still competes despite the disease
Premier League still competes despite the disease


Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the British government came up with a plan to support difficult businesses. Accordingly, these businesses will allow a number of temporary employees to quit their jobs to cut the budget. The government will provide support to pay 80% of these workers’ salaries, up to £ 2,500 per month until they return to full-time employment.

Taking advantage of this, many clubs in the English Premier League, including Newcastle, Bournemouth, Tottenham, Liverpool and Norwich. Of course, this action of the clubs has faced strong criticism from many sides, because they are all teams with the billionaire owner. Instead of paying employees from a large reserve of money, they are “wily” to use government support, while many businesses are much more difficult.

According to Neville, this one of the mistakes of the Premier League is no different from a cheap PR game of the club, typically rich clubs like Tottenham or Liverpool. On the Spurs side, chairman Daniel Levi recently received £ 3 million in bonuses for developing a new stadium and increased his salary from £ 3 million to £ 4 million a year.

Liverpool, meanwhile, recorded a record profit of £ 42 million last year, an overpayment paid to club staff.


Neville believes the Premier League’s insistence that all players accept a 30% pay cut has created a wave of protest. Unwilling to follow the lead of the Premier League, the players “rebelled” last Saturday (April 4), essentially declaring that they were willing to reduce their salaries but based only on their terms.

In a statement issued by the British Professional Football Association (PFA), the players made it clear that they wanted to help Premier League teams, but only wanted to delay getting paid instead of cutting it completely. Even late, players demanded that the Premier League raise a £ 20 million contribution to the National Health Service (NHS) and that employees on temporary leave must be paid in full. , and donate more money to lower English football leagues.

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The Legend Of MU Points Out 5 Mistakes Of The Premier League
The players, coaches and team leaders meet online


The Premier League has committed £ 125 million to promote and help EFL during the pandemic. It sounds generous, but Neville and many others point out that this money will only be processed in “solidarity payments” in a few months. This is actually an advance payment to help 72 clubs at EFL in a short time but does not offer a long-term solution.


In the end, the last in the mistakes of the Premier League Neville points out that everyone with a Premier League interest is not happy with the action they’ve taken so far. Neville does not specify, but it may include players, clubs, sponsors and especially broadcasters.

There are too many issues about the unfinished 2019/20 season, which means television stations like Sky Sports, BT Sport and the Premier League’s international broadcasters, can reclaim part of the £ 762 million. For copyright in the match does not take place.

The relevant boundaries are not satisfied with the Premier League's response
The relevant boundaries are not satisfied with the Premier League’s response

Premier League sponsors may take a similar approach, arguing that unfinished rounds restrict their branding, thus demanding compensation.

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