The harsh reality of the Champions League and English Football

Update the latest football news, Liverpool’s defeat in the eighth round of the Champions League is like a warning bell for the English teams when it all seems to be ecstatic with the drunken victory last season.

Setting the case that Chelsea could not reverse the situation after the defeat of the first 3-3 matches at the hands of Bayern Munich

A harsh reality immediately exposed to the eyes of the fans: All 4 English teams attended the two finals. European Cup last season could not reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League and Europa League this year.

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People considered Liverpool’s defeat against Atletico Madrid and was eliminated early as the defending champion of the Champions League was a shock but in fact, the unfortunate outcome for the “Red Brigade” seems to have been decided from the match. first leg. In the confrontation on Spanish soil, Liverpool failed to attack too poorly despite possessing strikers capable of destroying at a destructive level. Throughout the match, the players of coach J.Klopp only made one shot on target even with up to 8 shots.

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The second leg at Anfield at 12-3, Liverpool worked harder when controlling the ball to 64% and launched a total of 29 shots, 14 of which hit the target. The numbers are impressive but the effect is quite modest when Liverpool only scored 2 goals. Meanwhile, although most of the time must focus on defending the majority of the home field, Atletico Madrid has only 10 shots but surprisingly all 4 finishes hit the goal with the ball into the net with the opponent 3 goals recognized.

Liverpool lost against Atletico Madrid, broke up early in the football Champions League
Liverpool lost against Atletico Madrid, broke up early in the Champions League

Only bringing in goalkeeper Adrian at the beginning of the season and adding T. Minamino in the winter transfer window, Liverpool almost kept the team in the Champions League and won the English runner-up last season. Coach Klopp also does not have the habit of rotating the squad in the main fronts (except when reluctantly launching the U23 team to play the League Cup and losing 0-5 at Aston Villa) and that is why the main players Liverpool were almost exhausted when the season entered a period of acceleration.

Two consecutive defeats against Atletico Madrid (first leg) and Watford as a sign that the warriors “The Kop” have reached the endurance level.

Liverpool has played 48 matches so far this season, the most in England football, which is shown in the football news. From December 12-2019, the first team Liverpool played 23 matches in all competitions, ie less than 5 days/game. This density of competition has eroded the fitness of the players, enough for the pillar positions such as S.Mane, J. Henderson, N. Keita, J. Gomez or Alisson to take turns due to unbearable injuries. High motor intensity for a long time.

Having to play dense also makes the players unable to maintain their form. Van Dijk, Alexander-Arnold or A.Robertson, Liverpool’s top-class European players all made mistakes, but then the continuous series of “The Kop” victories caused these problems. Don’t be exposed to fans early.

Relieved of the frustration of the goalkeeper Adrian’s defeat, it seems not the right thing to do if people have not forgotten not long ago, the Spanish goalkeeper was honored as a hero in the European Super Cup match against Chelsea. Adrian was at fault for the first goal in the 97th minute but his teammates if playing well, Liverpool can still score in the remaining 13 minutes to self-determination instead of surrendering, watching Atletico Madrid scorer home 2 more times at Champions LeagueChampions League.

Besides football news:

Neymar and Juan Bernat scored in PSG’s 2-0 victory over Dortmund, overturned the situation to win the final 2-1 after two matches, with Atletico Madrid (winning Liverpool 4-2 overall) and Atalanta, RB Leipzig won the first four quarter-final tickets.
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