“The giant” 2m tall Chandler Parsons dated dozens of hot beauties

(Sports news, backstage star) – With a hobby of collecting beauty, basketball star higher than 2m, Chandler Parsons paired with many beauties thanks to his talent and property.

Basketball star Chandler Parsons  is considered one of the most skillful players at NBA

Basketball star Chandler Parsons is often dubbed the “Giant” of the NBA with a height of 2m08 and weighs 104kg. With an impressive physique and a fortune of more than $ 100 million during 9 years of professional basketball, Chandler Parsons is not difficult to “crush” dozens of beautiful women, including many stars in the showbiz world.

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Parsons' most recent love affair was with supermodel Ashley Sky
Parsons’ most recent love affair was with supermodel Ashley Sky

The love story of Chandler Parsons can be summed up by the name “Don Juan”. The star born in 1988 “changed his lover like a shirt” and also knows how to bring these hot girls “into contact”.

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Parsons’ long-legged collection is the dream of millions of men around the world because there are many outstanding names such as Ashley Sky, Cassie Amato, Hailey Baldwin, Bella Thorne, Toni Garrn or Savannah Chrisley …

Parsons hand in hand with the beautiful Cassie Amato
Parsons hand in hand with the beautiful Cassie Amato

He is known as a “killer” in the NBA

Chandler Parsons is famous as a “killer” in the NBA, and his quick way to find the entrance to the heart of the hot beauty is not unexpected. However, Parsons’ career is inversely proportional to his romance.

It is not known whether it is because of the enthusiasm for spending the night playing with hot beauties or not, but this season, Chandler Parsons has only played 5 matches for the Atlanta Hawks since the beginning of the season.

"Giant" physique of Chandler Parsons
“Giant” physique of Chandler Parsons

Three to four years ago, the 31-year-old star was one of basketball’s top superstars with million-dollar contracts. At one stage, Parsons excelled in the NBA and was signed by the Memphis Grizzlies for $ 94 million and a salary of $ 22 million in 2017.

However, due to so many unfortunate injuries, the American player’s career could not be extended at the peak.

Parsons' career is in serious danger
Parsons’ career is in serious danger

In this season, Parsons is trying hard to regain their form and prove themselves in Atlanta Hawks. However, while struggling with fighting for the main game, the fate teased Parsons when he suddenly got involved in a traffic accident. The accident was so serious that an adult star from the University of Florida was more likely to announce retirement early.

NBA: In a traffic accident, Chandler Parsons is in danger of leaving his career

Chandler Parsons had an accident when he was returning home after training with his teammates at the Atlanta Hawks. His car was struck by a driver determined to be drunk. According to Parsons’ agency, the player suffered serious injuries to his head, spine and shoulder. Specifically, according to a statement from Parsons’ representative, he is facing the risk of permanent disability when suffering a brain injury, spinal dislocation and shoulder cartilage tear.

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The 31-year-old midfielder had a good playing period in the NBA, but due to so many unfortunate injuries, the player’s career is still not very prosperous.