The formula F1 2020: Early summer break

With the delayed 2021 regulations and the latest cars racing for two years, Formula F1 2020 is currently limiting development to ensure the survival of racers and racing teams.

The formula F1 2020: Early summer break

Closed for 3 weeks

In less than 14 days from the turmoil in Melbourne when the Australian Grand Prix was canceled, Formula F1 2020 (including FIA and teams) postponed another 7 races – one that was quickly canceled altogether – the transition to mandatory closure and postponement of the technical regulations by 2021. These moves have all been announced, while CEO and chairman Chase Carey has sent some open letters to fans, shareholders and the media.

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These are not simple decisions that can be made immediately by one party but rather decisions that require many negotiations before an agreement is reached. All stakeholders realized the severity of the situation they faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they responded.

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Right now, the racing teams that have been and are about to close their operations are not sure when the first race of the season will take place. They flew around the world to Australia with new cars that have completed their 6-day Formula F1 2020 pre-season test run and are likely to get a lot of updates in the early stages of the season before the full attention shifts to the challenge. big by the rules of 2021.

Of course, the development will take place the following week, when employees are not forced to work from home and have more freedom. Technical teams – who are not in Melbourne – can enter their factory and continue with the planned development plan. However, things did not last long.

By the end of that first weekend, the UK had gone behind other countries and banned people from going out. With Italy’s blockade tighter and Switzerland somewhere in the middle, there is clearly no level playing field. So it was all agreed to push up the summer-closing phase for 3 weeks in March and April, and that’s for a number of reasons.

Formula 1 is facing too many challenges and problems
Formula 1 is facing too many challenges and problems

The first is to try and keep the Formula F1 2020 competition as fair as possible, with different teams in different locations facing different stages of the pandemic. Second, spend the entire August organizing races to rearrange if the situation has improved at that time. And third, help teams financially.

The closure not only reduces the cost for each team at a critical time but can also fit into many races at the end of the year that will ensure greater income than when the summer vacation period can still be followed. head. Of course, many races mean more money.

Formula F1 2020 is not immune to the current situation. It is a long way off. Without money-generating events, racing teams will not receive the same amount of money they need to be able to continue growing in the same way.

As noted above, the coronavirus has changed everything. Many governments have enacted new guidelines or laws that prevent the necessary manpower from coming to the factory to continue. In the UK, for example, the headquarters of most racing teams, they have responded to the recent blockade launched by Prime Minister Boris Johnson for at least 3 weeks by pushing up their mandatory closure date. 

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Postponement of the technical regulations by 2021 for another 12 months

However, before that happened, another quick decision was made to postpone the technical regulations by 2021 for another 12 months. Items such as financial regulations will still apply next year, but existing cars will still be used to ensure that teams don’t try to spend big money to develop new cars this season.

Although the teams are currently unable to promote the development of 2022 cars because of the blockade, they also know that they cannot help themselves. In such a competitive environment, with the rules set for 2022 and some work likely to take place, the development will continue if allowed.

Therefore, the Technical Working Group prepares to agree that all work to develop a new generation of vehicles will be banned, probably until 2021. Needless to say, this decision is intended to protect the long-term health of the sport and the participating teams.

The problem is that delaying the race and the rules will make the year 2021 more stressful, though all say, the price is very small if they want Formula F1 2020 to start over with 10 teams racing without who withdraws because of bankruptcy.
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