The first club in the UK- Birmingham and PSG to ask for a pay cut

The English Professional Footballer Association (EPL) spoke out after Birmingham City’s board announced that it could have to cut its salary by 50% in the near future.

Besides that, PSG leaders are considering offering PSG’s footballers a pay cut in the context of a team struggling with the effects of Covid-19.

Birmingham is the first club to introduce salary cut

According to the BBC, Birmingham is the first club in the top league system in the UK to announce a mandatory pay cut in the next four months. Players with an income of £ 6,000 or more per week will have a minimum of 50% salary reduction.

The first club in the UK- Birmingham and PSG to ask for a pay cut
Clubs in England suffered heavy losses when the match could not be held at this stage.

EFL as a rights representative for a player who requested an emergency meeting with the Premier League and the First Division in England to find solutions to all overcome difficulties. The First Division English Premier League has donated £ 50 million to support 24 clubs to cover wages. Still, this number only addresses short-term requests.

Some clubs in the English Premier League are using government support to pay their players wages. Meanwhile, Premier League clubs have better financial potential and are standing by.

The suspension of the tournament caused many British clubs to suffer heavy losses in ticket sales and television rights. According to Sky Sports, the small club in the UK can charge a million pounds in tickets per game. And the number of big clubs fluctuates above 3 million pounds.

Many famous clubs in Europe and Birmingham have asked players and staff to reduce wages. Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are prepared to adopt this plan. Barcelona star Lionel Messi is also willing to reduce his salary to help the club bear the burden during a period of revenue loss.

PSG’s footballers are also suffering the same financial losses

On the side of Paris Saint-Germain, the current salary fund of this team amounts to 371 million Euro/year. This poses a big challenge for the Prince’s Stadium team when the tournaments in Europe are postponed due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Neymar and PSG teammates are likely to be cut wages due to the impact of the disease.
Neymar and PSG teammates are likely to be cut wages due to the impact of the disease.

According to L’Equipe, PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi recently expressed his view that he wants top stars in PSG’s footballers like Neymar Jr or Kylian Mbappe to reduce wages to share difficulties with the team.

Currently, the Brazilian star is receiving a salary of up to 49 million euros/year at PSG, while a teammate born in 1998 earns 21.2 million euros/year. If wage cuts are made, these two stars will undoubtedly be the ones who will suffer the most.

In addition to PSG, the club with the largest salary fund in the football world, Barcelona also talked to the players to ask them to reduce a part of the salary to support the club during this time. However, according to information from Marca said, the players have not accepted the offer of the “giant” of Catalan.

Above ís the updated news about curent situation of players from Premier League, Birmingham club, London and PSG’s footballers.
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