The F1 Circuit Are Held In Hanoi, Vietnam

The F1 race in Vietnam promises to not only bring the tension expressed through sharp corners or the smell of burning tires, but also a race with beautiful F1 circuit and turns.

The attractive F1 isn’t just at speed! Although it has never hosted world-class car races, the F1 in Vietnam promises to not only bring the tension and dramatically expressed through corners, or the smell of burning tires will be a race with beautiful F1 circuit and turns. Hanoi has too many points for the organizers to exploit and create a unique feature unmatched on other races. Let’s take a look at these amazingly-evaluated F1 racing tracks with AA Vietnam!

Where is the F1 racetrack in Vietnam?

The F1 Circuit Are Held In Hanoi, Vietnam

In April 2020, Vietnam will host the fourth F1 (Formula 1 Grand Prix) on the roads of Hanoi city (from Le Quang Dao to Tan My streets). This is a unique opportunity for you to have the opportunity to witness the peak performance of famous racing drivers globally in Vietnam. So if you are looking to experience a unique and interesting entertainment service with relatives and friends, do not miss this exciting tournament.

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The length of the F1 circuit

The F1 Circuit Are Held In Hanoi, Vietnam

With the combination of the Motorsports team of F1 and Tikle – the famous racing design company worldwide, the F1 circuit in Vietnam has a length of 5,565km, including 22 F1 turns (11 left + 11 turns) right). In particular, the longest straight line to 1.3km long can cause racing speeds up to 335km / h.

Corner of F1 Vietnam circuit

The F1 Circuit Are Held In Hanoi, Vietnam

Starting line

The starting point and the end of the race are expected to be located at Lane P2, Le Quang Dao street (Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi). Parallel to that is the executive center building, where the garage of the racing team is located. If you buy tickets in this area, you will not only witness the energetic start and the pursuit of the finish line before the end of the race. This is also where you can clearly see the famous tire change scene, in less than 3 seconds.

F1 turn no.1

Near the starting point, the first turn of the F1 circuit is inspired by the Nurburgring race track in Germany, which presents a great challenge for the riders. There is a high chance of collision, which means the temporary ranking of the participants of the tournament.

The F1 no.1 turn Stand starting at the end of the starting line extending to the first corner of the Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix. From this prime location, the audience can witness the entire race from the moment the riders cross the starting line to the first corner. The biggest advantage of this stage is that the width of the race right at the F1 corner will create conditions for riders to compete and have the opportunity to overcome each other.

F1 turn no.2-3-4

Also located on the roundabout of Le Quang Dao street, a corner from 2 to 4 turns of F1 circuit has angles up to nearly 360 degrees, giving the riders to show their ability. This area promises to bring breathtaking moments and no less impressive than the pictures of the F1 racing event that took place in China last season 3. The stage area where the 3rd corner toward the Keangnam Landmark 72 building is the best place to witness the intense and dramatic chase of the tournament.

The 2-3-4 turn stands, located at the 2-3-4 corners area, the most impressive 360-degree corner of the Vietnam Grand Prix 2020. This is the most unique and perfect location. to watch the top speed performances at the classic bends of the entire race then accelerate straight to the 800m straight line. The 2-3-4 bends stand is definitely an area that no true F1 fan wants to miss.

F1 turn no.7-8

Although the most accessible area from the city center, corner no.7-8 at the Me Tri – Le Quang Dao intersection have the narrowest corners (designed in the shape of a hairpin). Here, the riders will have to show the ability to brake quickly, turn left continuously and achieve good speed when going out of corners to take advantage of the straight 1.5 km long road ahead of the F1 circuit.

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