The Domination Era Of Bayern Munich Is Coming To An End?

The champion of the last 7 Bundesliga seasons has been Bayern Munich. They have established an era of dominance, but how long will it last?

After 2 months away from the pitch, eventually, the Bayern fans are about to see their beloved team return. The Bavarian gray tiger will be guests at the Union Berlin Stadium at 23:00 on 17/5.

There are many reasons to wait for Bayern Munich. The first is that fans have missed football, but most importantly, fans of the Gray Tiger are trying to show the world that Bayern has not expired as the recent press analysis.

Bayern Munich has won 7 consecutive Bundesliga seasons.
Bayern MunichBayern Munich has won 7 consecutive Bundesliga seasons.

The Bayern dominance has killed Bundesliga

The Bavarian Gray Tiger has won 7 Bundesliga seasons in a row (from 2012/13 until now). Since the tournament was created after the meeting in Dortmund, there haven’t been any teams winning the title for 7 consecutive seasons.

There are many opinions that the dominance of Bayern Munich has killed the tournament. The Bundesliga was labeled as no longer competitive when Bayern won the title for seven consecutive seasons.

Regarding the fact that Bayern holds the silver plate, there are some signs that the Gray Lobster’s momentum of dominance is coming to the final years. The first argument is the difference in score between Bayern and the pursuing opponent. In the 2017/18 season, Bayern won the championship with a gap of 21 points compared to the second place in the table. In previous seasons, the difference was 15 points (2016/17) and 10 points (2015/16) respectively.

However, last season, Bayern won the championship with only 2 points difference from Dortmund. Even last season, Dortmund went through a long period surpassing Bayern.

Difficulties are increasingly besieging Bayern
Difficulties are increasingly besieging Bayern

At this time, Bayern was four points ahead of Dortmund in the rankings (up to the time before Dortmund played against Schalke). This is a gap that can be completely overcome in the context of the strength of Bayern Munich being questioned. Retired Arjen Robben, Franck Ribery, James Rodriguez, and Mats Hummels are all gone, Manuel Neuer, Javi Martinez, Jerome Boateng, Robert Lewandowski, and Thomas Mueller have all entered the age group that weighs heavily on their feet.

There is not just Bayern Munich- Dortmund

The evidence is that injuries are attacking Bayern Munich more and more often. Lucas Hernandez and Niklas Sule suffered serious injuries in October and even Sule is unlikely to return this season. Robert Lewandowski also had a groin injury surgery. Although he is still leading the scoring list this season, Bayern currently has almost no backup plan at the level of Lewandowski if he recurs the injury.

One of the next reasons to predict the dominance that is entering the decline of Bayern is that the Bundesliga is starting to appear with new challengers. For the past 7 years, Bayern has basically only had to compete with Dortmund. The only 1 main opponent makes the psychology of Bayern much more comfortable.

In addition to Dortmund, the current RB Leipzing can also be considered a serious competitor of Bayern.
In addition to Dortmund, the current RB Leipzing can also be considered a serious competitor of Bayern.

Now, the Bundesliga has appeared RB RB. Last January, supercomputers based on calculated data, RB Leipzig will have 77 points in the Bundesliga this season and become the tournament champion. Bayern will be second with 76 points. Next are Monchengladbach and Dortmund.

The above analysis comes from ESPN’s Bill Connelly, a pen. Of course, it takes time to verify, but this is also a sign that the strength of Bayern Munich is no longer at the threshold of no rivals in the Bundesliga.