The Day Joe Gomez Fulfills His Dream, Liverpool Will Set A Record

Joe Gomez is still waiting for the first goal of his career. And when the Premier League returns, Liverpool fans also hope the 22-year-old defender will be satisfied. By then, Liverpool can be crowned with the record for the most goalscorers.

The Day Joe Gomez Fulfills His Dream, Liverpool Will Set A Record

The day Joe Gomez fulfills his dream, Liverpool will set a record

“Sometimes I still dream of a scoring day for Liverpool. Maybe it came from a corner kick, and I went in to score. One day it will come”, said Joe Gomez.

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It’s been quite a long time, almost 6 years since the beginning of his career and 5 years from the time he made his Premier League debut in Liverpool, going through 124 matches in all competitions, he still hasn’t scored. Emerging as a most promising defender of English football in the past 3 years, impressing with intelligence and assertiveness in defense, plus accurate passes, but Joe Gomez is very lazy to finish.

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In the Premier League this season, the 22-year-old defender has only once tried his luck. That was the moment against West Ham. However, upon leaving Gomez’s foot, the ball was blocked by the defender. It was, however, memorable as the ball bounced off and found Alexander Alexander-Arnold, who then passed into Sadio Mane to score, setting a 3-2 victory in the 81st minute after being led 1-2.

Talking about this irony situation, Joe Gomez also did not understand why the shot. “Maybe it’s just a decision in desperation,” he said, hoping for a real goal of his own in a more eye-catching way.

Not only Joe Gomez, but Liverpool fans are also eagerly awaiting his first goal celebration. This season, Gomez is the only player among the regular Kop players who haven’t scored. This is unusual in Juergen Klopp’s team, who have scored 98 goals in all competitions by 18 players. In the Premier League alone, they have 16 goalscorers, more than the rest of the league.

Having played for Liverpool for nearly 5 years, but Joe Gomez is still waiting for the first goal
Having played for Liverpool for nearly 5 years, but Joe Gomez is still waiting for the first goal

Everyone knows Mohamed Salah (16 goals), Sadio Mane (14) and Roberto Firmino (8) are the main goalscorers, bringing Liverpool closer to the Premier League championship. But they also have a lot of other heroes, ready to speak up when the team needs it. It was Adam Lallana in the first leg against MU, Andy Robertson against Aston Villa, or Alexander-Arnold (Chelsea), Joel Matip (Arsenal), Fabinho (Man City), Xherdan Shaqiri (Everton) and James Milner (Leicester).

In the history of the Premier League, M.U 2012/13 still holds a record with 20 goalscorers. However, that season Sir Alex Ferguson used up to 25 players (24 at least one start). But this comparison is a bit unfair to Liverpool this season when Klopp only used 20 starting players out of 23 players. In this respect, The Kop has an 89% percentage of players who have started a goal, higher than any other champion in the past.

Therefore, a fairer format is to count only goal scorers who play 1,000 minutes or more (excluding goalkeepers). Thus, with 10/11 players playing more than 1,000 minutes have scored, Liverpool is 91%. And they can aim for a record of 100% of players playing more than 1,000 minutes of scoring, like Chelsea 2016/17. To achieve that, Joe Gomez must score.

So how does Gomez get it while launching just one shot after 1,277 minutes? Not difficult. His chances may come from the penalty kick, as Gary Pallister did in the 1992/93 season to join the scoring list. Or more simply, a penalty if Liverpool gets it for the rest of the season.

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Gomez’s bad finish

Since joining Liverpool, in the Premier League, Joe Gomez has only made a total of 12 shots, including 6 with his right foot, 2 with his left foot, 3 with his head and 1 with another stool. Sadly, only … 1 of them hit the target, 4 were blocked and 7 went off target.

Joe Gomez said regrettably: “As for the only shot this season (against West Ham), sometimes I think if it didn’t hit the defender and went straight into the top corner of the goal, it would have been a great goal, is both the first table and the victory ”.