‘The Champions League final is the worst for Tottenham’

Former Tottenham player, David Ginola said that last season’s Champions League final has led Spurs to receive too much expectation from fans.

Pressure since the Champions League final last year leaves Tottenham breathless.

David Ginola, a former French player who played for Tottenham between 1997-2000, said that Tottenham had not reached the level to win the Champions League. Going to the final of the tournament is the reason that the team is under a lot of pressure this season.

” Going to the Champions League finalists last season was seen to be a bad thing for Tottenham. To play in the final is great for the fans and the team, but it also makes many people think about the strength. “In fact, the team hasn’t reached that level yet. Being able to play the European Cup final has made many people overreact their expectations. The Tottenham final is largely due to luck,” said Goal. Ginola March 16.

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According to David Ginola, Tottenham’s poor performance was due to excessive pressure since the Champions League final last year.

Ginola insists that these excessive expectations were the reason that coach Mauricio Pochettino was fired in December 2019.

“But it appears to be a pressure from last year’s final which made Pochettino sacked. He has done a good job. The fans started to criticize because the team did not play well and did not win the title. You should remember that Tottenham has been empty since 2008. Tottenham is not really strong enough to go to the top of the continental playground, “added Ginola.

This season, Tottenham is playing unstable. They were eliminated early in the Champions League. In the English Premier League, teachers and coaches Jose Mourinho only ranked in 8th place, they are inferior to Chelsea’s 4th position by 7 points.

The reason for this is because Spurs have been under pressure to fill up their performances and have severely reduced performances.

Tottenham is undergoing falling performances

Tottenham under the guidance of Mauricio Pochettino made a series of victories in the Champions League  last season. They reached the final of the tournament but lost to Liverpool 2-0 in Madrid.

Mourinho was struggling with Tottenham

In the new season of 2019-20, Tottenham has not maintained its form. Pochettino was soon dismissed to make way for Jose Mourinho. But after a promising start, the Spurs of the Portuguese coach has plummeted in recent times.

Ginola pointed out the cause

Mourinho was under a lot of pressure and, according to Ginola, it was because Tottenham had succeeded beyond expectations last season. The former French winger told the Daily Mail:

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“I think the worst scenario for Tottenham is to play in the Champions League final last year. I know it’s great for the fans, great for the club, great for everyone in the club. ”

“But because of that, it took them on a stage they had never experienced. You think of clubs that have been there year after year, then suddenly Tottenham went to play the final against Liverpool. ”

“That makes many people notice and expect great things from Tottenham. You cannot forget that for the past few years, the team has struggled to win trophies and that is Pochettino’s problem. ”

“It’s a shame that Pochettino did so well but on the other hand, because he didn’t win anything, people complained. I think they did well, but on the other hand, they didn’t get a title at all. ”

“Playing in the Champions League’s final would be a big surprise in case they lost the match. Everyone started to be surprised when a team reached the Champions League final and struggled on the standings. ”

“I think that is the problem. They advanced too fast into the Champions League final. You need to win domestic achievements before thinking of titles on the continental level. ” https://thenewssports.net/