MU Hears The Bad News Of The C1 Cup, Man City F.C Big Celebration

Man City FC was banned by UEFA for the European Cup for two seasons but next season they could reclaim their spot for the Champions League just a few days before the tournament started. In addition, the British press has accused Sergio Aguero of being one of the top stars in the Premier League against returning to training and competition.

MU gets the bad news, Man City Big Celebration

While the Premier League is discussing how to organize the next kick, there is a topic that is very interested in Man City FC, Chelsea, MU, and the 4th place competing teams. That is how the Champions League will be solved in the event that the FC has to execute a sentence banned from attending the European Cup.

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Man City FC is currently banned by UEFA for the European Cup 2 seasons because of financial misconduct
Man City FC is currently banned by UEFA for the European Cup 2 seasons because of financial misconduct

Man City FC has been banned from attending the European Cup for two years by UEFA for violating UEFA’s financial laws and besides, it has also expressed a non-cooperative attitude with the organization. Therefore, although City is currently 2nd in the Premier League, at the end of the season if they finish in the top 4 or win the Champions League, the next season they will not be attending, and the qualification will be transferred to the ranked fifth team, is currently MU.

The situation, of course, is not so simple when Man City FC announced they would appeal by bringing the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Although the City’s chances of appeal are not clear, at least City will do one thing, forcing the UEFA penalty to be delayed, thereby allowing them to continue kicking the European Cup season 2020/21 until the CAS has awarded a verdict of UEFA.

MU ranked fifth to be able to attend the Champions League next season, but can also be stripped to take part in the tournament just before the start of the season
MU ranked fifth to be able to attend the Champions League next season, but can also be stripped to take part in the tournament just before the start of the season

Global pandemic affects complaints

But recently ESPN said Man City FC has a great opportunity to delay UEFA penalties. The global pandemic is currently causing CAS to not accept applications but the UEFA side is also affected because they can not plan to host the European Cup next season, and if the Champions League 2020/21 is scheduled at the time. Those who are considered to be the safest, most likely then CAS will work again and receive City’s application, ie automatically penalties of UEFA suspended.

There is a possibility that UEFA may not set a plan to organize European cup competitions and therefore the tournament may have to “shut down” next season. In that case, Man City FC has plenty of time to provide sufficient evidence to appeal to the CAS, because the return of CAS does not depend on the schedule of the European Cup or even football in general, they have could work sooner than the return of international tournaments.

According to Dale Johnson estimates, CAS may start accepting complaints again at the end of September, a few days before English teams start playing Champions League & Europa League next season. If CAS agrees to consider the complaint, it will be enough for Man City to automatically regain Champions League football next season from MU, Chelsea, or any team finishing in the Premier League this season at No. 5, and This type of work has many precedents.

Aguero unexpectedly led the EPL rebellion

The Premier League organizers are working hard to implement the “Project Restart”, which will allow the clubs of this tournament to be trained from May 18 to be able to return to play from June 12. However, this ambition of the Premier League leaders is facing a big obstacle from the superstars themselves playing football in the land of fog.

The English press pointed out Sergio Aguero as one of the stars opposing the Premier League back next month
The English press pointed out Sergio Aguero as one of the stars opposing the Premier League back next month

Specifically, according to the Daily Mail, some famous players such as duo Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling (Man City FC), Antonio Rudiger (Chelsea), Manuel Lanzini (West Ham) and Danny Rose (Tottenham loan to Newcastle) have been successful. He said he did not want the Premier League to return in the middle of next month, saying that it was too early when the global pandemic was still complicated.

Players who have children and are living with relatives who are vulnerable to the SARS-CoV-2 virus also do not want to continue playing football in the context of the British Government has not fully controlled.

The Daily Mail revealed that one of the top six Premier League teams is concerned that their squad will be weakened if football returns next month.

Premier League clubs are scheduled to hold discussions with their team players this week, to reassure them about being safe to return to training under strict antiseptic conditions.

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