The Bundesliga wants players to reduce their wages

Clubs in the German league – Bundesliga – are trying to persuade players to reduce wages in the context of a delayed  Bundesliga 2020 tournament due to Corona Virus (Covid-19) and the second Bundesliga player was infected with nCoV, Corona Virus (Covid-19).

The Bundesliga can close without champions and relegation teams

The Bundesliga wants players to reduce their wages

Christian Seifert, president of the German Professional Football Association (DFL) Association, shared this information in Bild. Accordingly, the Bundesliga clubs have been negotiating with the players to reduce the salary fund temporarily.

“Bavarian Governor Markus Soder and many people agree on this. I know the clubs have negotiated with the players and may have agreed. We are talking about sympathy, and now, each You need to show it a bit, “Seifert said.

Bundesliga 2020
Players in Germany may have to reduce wages to share the common difficulties with the tournament. 

The delays in the  Bundesliga 2020 and tournaments have made its business division headache. Revenue certainly decreased, leading to a reduction in the amount distributed to the participating clubs.

Yesterday, UEFA announced the delay of Euro to 2021. Therefore, the  Bundesliga 2020 and other national championships will have more time to complete the season, possibly in May or June.

But Seifert thinks it’s too early to discuss that. He said: “It is a long time before we can think about bringing the  Bundesliga 2020 back. Of course, we are more sure about the future plan. If we want to design a new schedule, finish first. In June, it is likely that we have to close the gap, give teams two or three days a game. “

“The fight against Corona Virus (Covid-19) is still a priority. The schedule of Bundesliga 2020 depends on when we can play again. It could be June, even July. But most likely, we will. has an unusual schedule, “Seifert added

The second Bundesliga player was infected with nCoV cases

The entire Hertha Berlin team must conduct isolation due to a member positive for the Corona Virus (Covid-19).

“A player has symptoms and we immediately isolated him from the team. The test results showed he was positive for nCoV, Corona Virus (Covid-19),” said Hertha Berlin doctor Uli Schleicher.

Schleicher did not disclose the name of the infected player. However, according to Bild newspaper, this person is 22-year-old defender Maximilian Mittelstadt.

“Every team member will have to stay home for the next two weeks. Outside training activities will also be canceled,” Schleicher added.

Bundesliga 2020
Mittelstadt has only played three matches for Hertha this season.

According to Bild, this is the second positive nCoV Corona Virus (Covid-19) in the  Bundesliga 2020, after Luca Kilian of Paderborn. Germany currently has 6,012 cases and 13 deaths.

Particularly in Berlin, the current number of cases is 332. The number of cases has increased rapidly in recent days, causing many shops, schools, sports centers and some crowded places to close.

On March 16, representatives of 36 teams from two leading German football leagues met to extend the time off for an additional week, to April 2.

“The most important thing now is to comply with the anti-epidemic rules,” stressed Hertha CEO Michael Preetz.

Hertha is currently 13th in the  Bundesliga 2020, with 28 points after 25 matches. They are six points higher than the group at risk of relegation.

In the first group, four teams Bayern, Dortmund, Leipzig and Moenchengladbach are just six points ahead. According to experts, the race in the remaining nine rounds will be more attractive.