The Bundesliga Introduces Many New Unprecedented Laws In History

In order to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bundesliga tournament coming back this weekend will bring more new laws.

After a two-month break from the big pandemic pneumonia epidemic, the Bundesliga will officially come back this weekend. In this re-export, the most important tournament in Germany will add a series of recent laws unprecedented in history. There are some new regulations of Bundesliga tournament as follow:

What does make the players banned?

Even this week (means 1 week before the game), the players of the Bundesliga tournament must gather separately in isolated areas. The isolation ward is a private house of clubs or local hotels.

The players will be prohibited from contracting outsiders, from going to bars and public gyms. They have their own eating area (if at the hotel), the players also have their very own gym. When eating, the players need to sit 2 meters apart, put on a mask when leaving the room.

The Bundesliga Introduces Many New Unprecedented Laws In History
The players gathered early in the hotel

Hotel staffs where the players are isolated ward

Of course, all hotel staff where the players for the Bundesliga stay, they have to wear a mask when working. Exception the cleaning the room for players hour, the employees must not move to the corridors where the players appear.

In short, apart from cleaning, hotel employees must limit restricted contact with the players as much as possible.

How do clubs move?

Clubs would still use the bus as the primary transportation. The plays have to wear masks and ensure a distance of 1.5m on the vehicle. With the players playing for home pitch, they can drive their owns car straight to the yard of the Bundesliga tournament but can only go alone.

Story Covid-19 test and the players Covid-19 positive.

Before this primary round, clubs in the German Bundesliga and 2nd Division might be tested 2 rounds (with all club members).

The expected number of laboratory cases is about 25,000. In the second test during the week, the second one will take place the day before the game.

For those players showing signs of COVID-19 infection, they will be quarantined 14 days immediately. Those who come in touch with an infected player will also be subject to brief isolation with many subsequent testing procedures.

The change in matches

Players of the Bundesliga tournament are only allowed to stay in the locker room for a maximum of 40 minutes. Clubs are encouraged to design separate tunnels for the two teams to play. The players in the field and the head coach do not have to wear masks when directing. The bench players have to sit 1 seat apart or sit in the bleachers if the bench is too small.

Players do not need to wear masks when playing
Players do not need to wear masks when playing

The ball is disinfected before the Bundesliga start. There is no water on the boundary line, instead, it is the personal water tank of the players. Pre-match procedures such as photography, catching, or putting mascots on the field are all omitted.

The players are restricted from celebrating, hugging, and not spitting (except in case of force majeure because of discomfort).


100 referees for the Bundesliga tournament were tested for COVID-19 this week and tested before the match. Anyone who shows signs of infection will be replaced by reserve arbitration. Referees can come to the field during the day, not at the early concentration like the players.

After the match

There isn’t any post-match press conference. The coaches will hold a press conference online. The doping inspection room has been redesigned to comply with quarantine rules.