The Barca expects Messi and his team to reduce their salary

Barca ‘s board met on March 20 and considered reducing the salaries of the players and Messi in the first team in order to have more funding to maintain operations during the period affected by the disease.

Covid-19 devastated football

Some sources also shared that, many Barcelona players also actively “green light” for the club to temporarily reduce wages in the current context.

Barcelona will make a decision next week on whether to temporarily reduce the number of players in the first team due to economic losses due to the raging pandemic Corona Virus (Covid-19).

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On March 20, President Josep Bartomeu and members of the Barca leadership had an online meeting to discuss the situation of the team now. According to Bartomeu, Barca is going through a “complex financial stage”, but “it can still be stable” if timely solutions are in place.

According to ESPN, Barca’s president confirmed that the expenditures will be kept, except for salaries and bonuses. According to the Global Sports Salary Survey, Barca costs an average of 11 million euros per year per player. This is also the largest expenditure when accounting for 61% of the Nou Camp Stadium team budget.

Messi may have to cut his salary by 60 million euros a year to help Barca have funds to maintain operations in this difficult period.
Messi may have to cut his salary by 60 million euros a year to help Barca have funds to maintain operations in this difficult period.

At the end of the meeting, the solution proposed by President Bartomeu and his colleagues was to temporarily cut the wages of some players in the first team. The Barca players know the information, and the team needs to have the approval of Messi and his teammates to implement this solution.

The final decision will be made next week after the leaders and players of the Cataluniya team find a common voice.

Faced with a complicated situation in Spain or in La Liga, every match in this country has been postponed indefinitely. This makes the revenue from ticket sales and souvenirs of teams with strong and enthusiastic fans like Barca seriously affected.

If the players agree, Barca will be the second team in the top European leagues or La Liga to cut player salaries to maintain the team. Before that, the Borussia Monchengladbach players in Germany also accepted not to pay wages to overcome the difficult period with the club.

It is known that during the online meeting of the Barcelona members on Friday, President Josep Maria Bartomeu talked about the club’s relatively complicated financial situation, but “can be reversed” if some certain measures.

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Barca has not made any major decisions yet

Due to the current situation of no income, because all activities are stalled in the context of the epidemic, players may have to cut wages to limit the budget deficit.

According to the disclosure, a number of Barca players and other clubs have contacted the Spanish Association of Players Association (AFE) to try to solve these problems.

According to a recent global sports salary survey, Barca is the first team in history to pay an average of 11 million euros per player.

Meanwhile, President Bartomeu will represent Barca in negotiations with members of the European Club Association (ECA) and the European Football Federation (UEFA), because of the common concerns about the financial impact of Corona Virus (Covid-19) in club activities.

Chairman Bartomeu and Barcelona are facing a financial deficit
Chairman Bartomeu and Barca are facing a financial deficit

Another member of the Barca, ​​CEO Oscar Grau, is in charge of negotiating with La Liga and other clubs across Europe for them to find coordinated measures to address the situation. due to the impact of the Corona Virus (Covid-19).

La Liga president Javier Tebas has repeatedly stated that the season will be completed once the situation improves.

So far, Barcelona has earned 22.1 million euros from the Champions League group stage and can add another 37.5 million euros if reaching the final. In case of victory, they will have an additional 4 million euros plus 3.5 million euros when they win the right to participate in the UEFA Super Cup match.

The goal of Barcelona is to reduce the financial impact that they as well as the teams in Spain and Europe are suffering from due to the suspension of the tournaments.

Barca closed their official stores, club museums, academies around the world and at the Camp Nou, thus wasting huge amounts of money from the above activities.

According to some sources, Barcelona has found an important source of income from the marketing department when clothing products sold online increased sharply, but that amount is not enough for them to balance their finances.

By the afternoon of March 21, Spain surpassed Iran, the United States and Germany to become the third-largest country affected by Corona Virus (Covid-19) in the world, after China and Italy. 

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the country recorded a total of 21,571 cases positive forCorona Virus (Covid-19), of which 1,588 people recovered and 1,093 deaths.
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