The ball stops rolling, what do the Premier League players do?

Major football events around the world, including the Premier League, have been suspended due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Without a chance to play every weekend, what will the Premier League players do on this “unwilling” vacation?

When it was announced that he would have to cancel the training because of the coronavirus, the conspicuous thought in the minds of many MU players and other teams in the UK was to find a way to complete the season through FIFA 20 football game.

Rare enjoyment of the Premier League players

A completely understandable option for young players and still want to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of football. An anonymous representative said: “The players are now the only ones who feel calm during the Covid-19 epidemic. Their lives are governed by advice on what to do, where, as well as sacrifices and faces lost through matches. Never seen any panic in the football world.

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But not all players have the same composure at the time the Premier League declared an indefinite suspension. Of course, most Premier League players feel that playing football at a time like this doesn’t make any sense, because of the obvious impact on their personal health as well as those of their family. Even when the Premier League has proposed a solution to kick off the audience, the risk of coronavirus infection is still unavoidable.

In contrast, a few other Premier League players have to ask for help from the Professional Football Association (PFA). Players in Spain and Germany also talk about the possibility of a strike through the WhatsApp app, because they feel they are disoriented in the football world.

What was the reaction of the players when European football tournaments stopped?

There are still cases of seeking ways to enjoy outdoor football despite risks such as the case of Mason Mount and Declan Rice. That’s just a few, and most players feel happy when the ball temporarily stops rolling because of the disease. It is an indication of how modern football matches are eroding the fitness and morale of the players.

The idea of ​​mid-season vacations like this is unfamiliar to the Premier League players. A Premier League player who did not share his identity told the Independent: “The Premier League players actually have no rest at all. This is a rare opportunity for us to enjoy. By the time the epidemic ends, we will feel more energetic than ever. ”

In contrast, a few other Premier League players have to ask for help from the Professional Football Association (PFA).
When the Premier League takes a break, players often take time to practice individualized physical exercises for each person

Personal exercises are a common trend

There are still some teams that conduct normal training as in the case of Tottenham. The rest, most clubs cancel training on the training ground, instead the members of the coaching staff will give self-training exercises for each player. These types of exercises are often universal because the coaches themselves do not know when the ball will be rolled back.

Most personal exercises are more about physical training, such as those that can be done in the personal gym. Some Premier League players who live in apartments or have just recently moved to another club try to get back to the basics of football at the beginning, like kicking a ball on a wall at high speed. 

The Premier League clubs’ meeting proposes to postpone matches until the end of April. It is too early to make a statement that the players are ready to return for matches in three weeks. It is not entirely in the calculation of the players or the people involved in the ball, but it is about the disease situation under control.

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From then until then, it would not be surprising if the Instagram page or Facebook of the Premier League players is filled with pictures of matches in football games, technical performances in a certain area or hard work. with physical exercises.

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