The 5 Largest Motorcycle Racing Tournaments In The World

Currently, there are many world motorcycle racing tournaments organized for different types of motorbikes to determine the reputation and success of the participating automakers. Motorbike racing has become a sport in which riders are trained very seriously and seriously, and the quality of each bike will be shown in these races.

Traditional Road

The 5 Largest Motorcycle Racing Tournaments In The World

Traditional Road refers to the motorcycle racing tournaments taking place on the street. Currently, the number of roads that can be organized for street motorcycle races has decreased and most of them are concentrated in European countries. Examples of typical street bike races are the International Road Racing Championship and Duke Road Racing Rankings. In addition, there are smaller races organized according to the purchase of prizes with prizes for outstanding racing winners such as Isle of Man TT, North West 200 and Ulster Grand Prix. Ireland currently hosts the most street races. Besides, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, New Zealand, and Macau.

Motorcycle Grand Prix

The 5 Largest Motorcycle Racing Tournaments In The World

Commonly known as the MotoGP, the world MotoGP motorcycle racing tournament can be organized in three separate segments: Moto3, Moto2, and MotoGP.

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Moto3 was launched in 2012 for 250cc segment motorcycles with a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine. Previously, Moto3 also allowed the 125cc segment. The age of the riders will be limited from 25 to 28 years old in Moto3 races.

Moto2 was introduced by Dorna Sports, which currently holds the edition of the MotoGP formula competitions, in 2010 for the 4-stroke 600cc segment. Previously the Moto2 formula also included 250cc 2-stroke motorcycles. In the first season, Moto2 allowed 2-stroke and 2-stroke engines to participate. But in 2011 only 4-stroke engine types to this day.

The current MotoGP world motorcycle racing tournament is the racing formula for the largest displacement bike. This race has been controversial and changed with the engine regulations during the early years of the organization. In 2002, 990cc 4-stroke engines were allowed to compete between 500cc 2-stroke models. And until 2003, completely replaced the whole 2-stroke model. In 2007, MotoGP reduced the engine capacity to 800cc and failed before setting the standard to allow only 1000cc 4 stroke engines in 2012 and to this day.

Motorcycles participating in the Grand Prix race are specialized vehicles, not mass production for the purpose of competition to bring glory to the car manufacturer.

Superbike Racing

Superbike Racing is for mass-produced commercial motorcycles, with structural changes to suit the track. Motorcycles participating in this race must have 4-stroke engines from 800cc to 1200cc for 2-stroke engines, and 750cc to 1000cc for 4-stroke engines. The motorcycles involved are almost similar to the commercial models and upgraded some parts, in general, they do not look different from the streetcars, and the engine is allowed to be refined special tuning.

Supersport racing

The 5 Largest Motorcycle Racing Tournaments In The World

The Supersport Racing World Motor Racing is also a motorcycle racing tournament for commercially tuned, engine-manufactured commercial vehicles. To be allowed to participate in this race, the motorcycle must be equipped with a 4-stroke engine with a capacity of 400 to 600cc with a 4-cylinder engine and from 600 to 750cc capacity for 2-cylinder engines. Supersport’s regulations are somewhat stricter than the Superbike race, including the engine of the participating car must be the same size as the standard engine, can adjust engine power but also very strictly controlled.

Famous Supersport competitions include AMA Supersport Championship, British Supersport Championship, and Supersport World Championship.

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Endurance Racing

This is a motorcycle racing tournament to test the durability of the motorbike and the physical strength of the racer. Each team has many different riders and can be replaced during a very long race. The race format is to complete the number of laps in the fastest time or to complete as many laps as possible in a given time. The durability and reliability of a motorcycle are one of the most important elements of this race.

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