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  • Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Novak Djokovic opened his own tournament to make a humanitarian donation

    First tennis tournament in the Covid-19: Djokovic as “boss” really

    Novak Djokovic and several other famous players decided to hold a tennis tournament in the Balkans while the ATP Tour tournaments were delayed because of Covid-19. The world’s top tennis player holds his own tournament for charity Tennis world is still “motionless soldiers” because of the Covid-19 pandemic since March and has not made an …

  • Naomi Osaka

    Naomi breakthrough Sharapova record, the highest income in the world

    Naomi Osaka broke Maria Sharapova’s record to become the highest-paid female athlete in the world. Naomi Osaka beat Maria Sharapova to lead the world’s highest salary in Tennis Naomi Osaka has become the highest-paid athlete in a year, when Forbes magazine recently announced that she received $ 37.4 million from May 2019. This is also …

  • The punishment for Del Pino will be a wake-up call for many young players

    Huertas Del Pino received the ban for using banned substances

    The sudden increase in low-end players, Huertas Del Pino, has been spotted using doping, leading organizers to impose penalties. Huertas Del Pino uses banned substances Cases of doping use in tennis players are on the rise. However, the governing body in the tennis village is doing its best to prevent this unsportsmanlike behavior. A series …

  • Toni Nadal: 'Djokovic Is Harder To Play Than Federer'

    Toni Nadal: ‘Djokovic Is Harder To Play Than Federer’

    Toni Nadal, Rafael Nadal’s uncle, admits Roger Federer is the best tennis history but thinks Novak Djokovic is harder to play. Toni Nadal: ‘Djokovic is harder to play than Federer’ “I think Federer is the best player in history, along with another person I have yet to identify,” Toni Nadal told Eurosport on May 18. …

  • ATP, WTA Publish Financial Support Package For Players

    ATP, WTA Publish Financial Support Package For Players

    The ATP, WTA publishes single players from 101 to 500, receiving 8,732 USD, while the doubles players ranked 51 to 175 receive 2,183 USD. The total support amount of the Association of Tennis Professionals, Women’s Tennis Association (ATP, WTA), the International Tennis Federation (ITF), and the Grand Slam tournament organizers amount to 6 million USD. …

  • Novak Djokovic believes he can afford

    Novak Djokovic Confidently Ousted Federer To Win The Most Grand Slams

    Novak star Djokovic is confident he can defeat his colleague Roger Federer in the battle for the Grand Slam title. “I think I still have a lot to conquer with tennis. I believe I can win the most Grand Slams in history and break the record for number 1 in the world. These are my …

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