Tennis: This week decides the future of Wimbledon 2020

All England Club officials will hold an important meeting this week to decide how Wimbledon 2020 will be held in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic showing no signs of containment.

Tennis: This week decides the future of Wimbledon 2020

The world of tennis has been nearly frozen

Since the end of the Australian Open, the world of tennis has been nearly frozen by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Roland Garros was pushed back to the end of September – just a week after the US Open. And now, people are questioning Wimbledon 2020 the tournament is expected to take place from June 29 to July 12.

There will be a lot of issues to be discussed in the next meeting, but according to double expert Jamie Murray – the player who has won the Wimbledon double twice – the All England Club will be forced to make a decision with a left. heavy heart.

“I don’t know how long the tournament will be delayed. English tennis officials are very eager to organize this event. There are still 3 months left, and many things may change from now. Even if sports events around the world are delayed, they will try to do something different, “Jamie Murray told BBC Scotland’s interview.” The upcoming meeting will have a lot of shareholders involved in the contests, and many factors are considered, and many tournaments will be given as comparison examples. Lighting competition for example. If held on time, you can play until 10 pm “.

But according to All England Club chief executive Richard Lewis, health is still a top priority. “The most important consideration is still public health. We will endeavor to find a solution, and be responsible for the decision we make, ”he asserted.

Tennis in the storm Covid-19: Not everyone is rich like Federer, Nadal, Djokovic 

Not only Wimbledon 2020, in fact, but most of the players are also facing a tough problem about finance when their career is delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic that is spreading worldwide.

Plea to ITF

We often think that tennis is a sport for the rich (but not so aristocratic as golf), because to pursue professional tennis, young players and their families will have to invest a lot of money. But actually, most of them are not just playing because of passion but also because they have to make a living. For small players, a real war began when they were unemployed (albeit temporarily) due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. What do you do when you have only $ 100 in your pocket and struggle to survive?

Sofia Shapatava, ranked 371 WTA, was one of such players. And she decided that she must do something to ensure the interests of her as well as many other colleagues. A plea was sent to the International Tennis Federation (ITF), saying that they need to help hundreds of players who are in distress when the tennis court has been frozen for three months because of the pandemic.

“Players who rank outside the Top 250 will not be able to buy food for two or three weeks,” Shapatova warned, although she did not trust ITF to pay attention to her pleas, “They said they would answer. I am as soon as possible. But after that email, there were no more replies. ”

In 2020, Ksenia Kolesnikova earns only a mere 68 USD bonus
In 2020, Ksenia Kolesnikova earns only a mere 68 USD bonus

Who dares to invest in them?

Shapatava was quite miserable, but compared to many of her colleagues, she was still more than a human. Currently, the WTA rankings have more than 1,000 players, and so does the ATP rankings. Take Ksenia Kolesnikova (Russia) as proof. The 27-year-old is ranked last on the WTA chart at 1,283, and in 2020, she earned a mere 68 USD.

Many players outside the Top 100 have to earn more by coaching or playing for clubs. But now, with the stadium freezing, their revenue is limited. “I sent a recommendation to ITF after talking to a lot of colleagues as well as referencing their plans over the next 3 months. I realized that many people won’t even be able to buy food anymore, ”Shapatava said pessimistically on her personal blog,“ The problem is that this sport will die, because players outside the Top 150 will not compete ”.

Tara Moore: It’s hard to survive the next few months

Shapatava’s proposal was well-received, and Tara Moore was one of them. “A lot of players from small countries can’t make ends meet, and they can’t claim their rights because they’re self-advocating. It’s hard to survive for the next few months, ”Tara concurred with Shapatava.

Moore, 27, has earned just $ 2,500 since the start of the year but has made $ 473,500 in career rewards – mainly thanks to special offers as host Wimbledon. The biggest achievement of the Hong Kong original player is the second round of Wimbledon 2016, and it helped her pocket $ 62,000.

With the current complex situation of the epidemic, Wimbledon 2020 will take place as planned, and other tennis players will back to normal stage.
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