“King” Clay Court Nadal: Federer Is A Great Tennis Player

(Sports news – Tennis news) In a recent statement, Nadal used the most beautiful words to praise Federer that Federer is a great tennis player at Roland Garros.

Federer is a great player at Roland Garros

It is no coincidence that Rafael Nadal was dubbed the “clay king”. The reason is that from the 2005 season to date, the excellent Spanish player dominated Roland Garros with 12 Grand Slam won here.

Nadal dominates on the clay court
Nadal dominates on the clay court

According to Ibtimes, it is undeniable that Nadal is the greatest tennis player of all time on clay court. The Spaniard maintains a great physical foundation, with his proactive approach and perseverance that are inherently brand-name. Experts believe that Nadal can prolong the peak cycle on the favorite pitch in the long run.

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But despite being unique, Nadal is not too complacent and thinks that Roger Federer also deserves to be one of the greatest tennis players in history at Roland Garros.

“I don’t see many people who can attend many finals here. So, to say Federer is one of the greatest players in history at Roland Garros is possible. ” Nadal praises Federer.

In the past, the “Express Train” at its peak had five times to the last battle on French soil and was crowned in 2009 after defeating Robin Soderling.

Currently, Federer and Nadal are still rivals in the tennis industry when the number of Grand Slam titles is only one unit less (20 compared to 19). But ignoring that barrier, the two players still gave each other the best and maintained a rare friendship.

Nadal and Federer
Nadal and Federer

At this moment, the tennis season is in jeopardy after the Covid-19 pandemic made it difficult for BTC to compete in major tournaments. Many events were forced to cancel, including Indian Wells. It is expected that if the situation is tense, Nadal will have difficulty when the Roland Garro’s forte and is the second Grand Slam of the year to be delayed (expected to take place at the end of May).

Tennis table 16/3: Federer “fluttering thighs”, opponents distraught because of Covid-19

Due to the global strain of Covid-19, tennis tournaments were postponed. The World Professional Tennis Association (ATP) recently decided to cancel all professional tournaments around the globe within 6 weeks of the “pandemic” Covid-19.

6 weeks also means the end of the hard court season, last week Indian Wells could not take place and the upcoming second ATP 1000 in a year of the Miami Masters, or Monte Carlo and smaller tournaments in Houston, Marrakech, Barcelona … nor will it take place. If the situation is better, the male players will play again at the ATP 250 clay in Munich and Estoril from April 27.

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Failure to compete for means that tennis players will be deducted points, the achievements from last year will correspond to the points deducted. Last week, Indian Wells could not take place, so the No. 1 player in the world Novak Djokovic was deducted 45 points, Rafael Nadal lost 360 points, Dominic Thiem lost 910 points and Federer also deducted 600 points.

This is a common consequence that all players have to accept, but with the players who are injured cannot play. “Express train” Federer is a typical, non-competitive course, of course, deducted points but the players also fall into the same situation, so the Swiss tennis player will not fall deeply on the rankings.

Men’s tennis rankings

Women’s tennis rankings