Tennis: Nostalgia not Wimbledon

All England Club officials will hold an important meeting this week to decide how Wimbledon 2020 will be organized in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of containment.

Nostalgia not Wimbledon

The decision was made after weeks of deliberation in the context of the coronavirus pandemic that made the world of sports disordered. So, instead of the 134th Wimbledon 2020, this event will take place from June 28 to July 11 of 2021.

Feelings of regret

The decision obviously disappointed all because the British had only two options: organizing or not, never delaying. They do not want this tournament on the pitch to take place in stifling summers or cold autumns. Even, they never think of organizing without an audience.

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By comparison, the US Open is fortunate to have an empty summer due to the Olympics not taking place, while the French Tennis Federation has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by delaying the French Open until September 20, only 7 days after the US Open ends. Of course, the glory for the French because they did so instead of giving up and then regretting it if the tournament cannot happen.

Although, between many tournaments being canceled and the ATP and WTA rankings frozen, nothing ever made Wimbledon 2020 forget. Because anyone who has the luck to visit knows and feels this. And they will remember Wimbledon deeply.

“What I will most remember is that my daughter, Kaitlin, could not enjoy what has become familiar for the past 5 years, with our travels to SW19 [where the All England Club] is located,” ESPN analyst and Wimbledon doubles champion, Pam Shriver said.

Meanwhile, Patrick McEnroe’s favorite time at Wimbledon is early in the morning, an hour or two before the gate opens to the public. “I call it calm before the storm,” an ESPN analyst said. “I love watching the yard staff prepare the pitch and check the bounce height. And the flowers are neatly trimmed, quiet and fresh … I will remember the most.”

Djokovic and Simona Halep will have to wait another year to defend the Wimbledon championship
Djokovic and Simona Halep will have to wait another year to defend the Wimbledon championship

Or Jim Courier, the former No. 1 in the world who has won many Grand Slam titles, said, what he will most remember is standing on the roof of the media center in Week 2, looking down at the courts to see the young players compete. duel.

The tradition of the tournament

Had All England Club not worried about financial issues because Wimbledon 2020 was insured in such cases but admittedly, the tournament did not take place as a shock as the Olympic was delayed for 1 year. Because Wimbledon is not only the oldest and oldest Grand Slam tournament but also because of what happens around the All England Club.

Unlike some of the other major leagues (the US Open and the Australian Open abandon pitches and build entirely new facilities), Wimbledon retains all of the pitch despite knowing the costly use of grass. high bridge. In addition, when Wimbledon built a new yard, the British did not pursue modernity, flashy but a structure suitable for basic elements, lasting, retaining tradition and familiarity.

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Not surprisingly, the British and All England Club used to call Wimbledon “The Championships”. Something that seems to be arrogant but accurately depicts their tournament, sometimes even seen as the Super Bowl of tennis. Granted, Wimbledon 2020 isn’t the end of a season, but Wimbledon has been referred to as the sun among other leagues.

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