Tennis News: Sharapova publics phone number to millions of fan

(Sports news – Tennis news) Weekly tennis news from March 30 to April 5: Amid the idle context, “Russian Doll” Maria Sharapova suddenly gave many fans the opportunity to call and flirt.

Sharapova grieved the season of COVID-19: Making the phone numbers public for fans to flirt freely

After announcing her retirement on February 26, Maria Sharapova is now quarantining herself in her home in the US amidst the number of cases of COVID-19 pandemic of the country of flag flower is at the top of the world.

Masha did not hesitate to give male fans the opportunity to call or text her
Masha did not hesitate to give male fans the opportunity to call or text her

In the idle context, “Russian Doll” has devised an interesting pastime to help her further polish her illustrious name and make millions of fans of this former No. 1 player in the world happy. On personal pages on Facebook and Twitter, tennis beauty Sharapova made her phone number public and urged fans to boldly contact her to confuse her.

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“Last week I had a great time making a video call with 150 friends. I love that conversation and I wish I had more connection with the fans because we are all self-isolation.

I will leave my phone number and you can message me directly. My phone number is (+1) 310-564-7981 “, Sharapova said.

The initiative has surprised many, including former professional players such as Mardy Fish, the current coach of the US team at the Davis Cup. The former American star answered Sharapova with a questionable emoticon.

Federer throbbed to hear the beautiful TV forecast future

Barbara Schett, a former beautiful Austrian player who ranked No. 7 in the world and is currently a charming sports host of Eurosport, said Roger Federer if recovering from a knee injury in July is also difficult. To win more Grand Slams:

Tennis News: Sharapova publics phone number to millions of fan
Barbara Schett is pessimistic about the possibility of Federer winning the 21st Grand Slam in his career

“At the moment, Roger (Federer) has won the most Grand Slam titles and that is why we chose him the greatest in history, but certainly Rafa (Nadal) and Novak (Djokovic) can surpass his record.

We will see Roger recovering from the knee surgery he underwent. It’s getting harder and harder for Federer to get more Grand Slams. I’m not sure he will do the same thing he did at Wimbledon last year, especially when Wimbledon will not take place this year.

He is not young anymore. Currently, Roger is the greatest person of all time, but I think Novak Djokovic will eventually surpass him. “

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Nadal locked himself with his beautiful wife at  4 million euros., unexpected defeat to… his sister- Tennis News

According to AS (Spain) Tennis news, in the context of Wimbledon 2020 has just been canceled, while other tennis tournaments of the ATP system have been delayed and can only return at least on July 13, Rafael Nadal is currently with his beautiful newlywed wife Xisca Perello isolate themselves in their villa in his home town of Mallorca.

This residence of the world’s No. 2 male tennis player has a height of about 1,000 meters above sea level and costs up to 4 million euros.

The above-mentioned luxury villa was purchased by Nadal in 2013, located in Porto Cristo (town of Manacor, Mallorca Islands), with frontage overlooking one of the most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean.

On his personal Facebook page, Nadal also uploaded a clip of him playing indoor tennis and admitted that he had been defeated by his younger sister Maria Isabel: “In the end … who defeated me? It’s my sister, Maribel Nadal (Maria Isabel’s intimate name). What I want to say is that you guys have to be happy! “

Rafael Nadal and his younger brother Mariabel
Rafael Nadal and his younger brother Mariabel

The beautiful Ivanovic spends half a million dollars to help the world fight COVID-19

In the Tennis news today, As an ambassador of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), former world No. 1 tennis player Ana Ivanovic has actively campaigned and donated to support the prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic in its homeland Serbia. This beauty, along with her team, supported 35 ventilators and medical equipment worth half a million dollars.

“First will be the personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, protective clothing for the team of doctors and doctors. Next will be the test kit and breathing machine. Unity is strength strong help us overcome all difficulties and solve the challenges we face, “Ivanovic declared.

Ivanovic is beautiful and very generous
Ivanovic is beautiful and very generous

Former Queen Roland Garros 2008 got married to German football star Bastian Schweinsteiger in July 2016 and welcomed her first son Luka in March 2018. Last August, both had an additional son. named him Leon.

The 2020 tennis season may end soon because of COVID-19 – Tennis News

Sharing in the Sydney Moring Herald, the CEO of the Australian Open – Craig Tiley said that pessimism in the context of major tennis tournaments is being postponed because the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading worldwide:

“I think it will be very difficult for world tennis to return this year. This is based on the global epidemic situation. I think tennis will be the last thing to come back. I think national sports tournaments will be. come back sooner, and global sports leagues will face no small challenge. ” admitted in the Tennis news.

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