Sharapova retires: affect women’s tennis livescore history

The announcement of the retirement of tennis star Maria Sharapova made the tennis fans shocked with regretful statements.

Recently, Maria Sharapova decided to retire from professional tennis player at the age of 32 after a long time struggling with injuries. Still know this day will come with “Russian Doll” but Sharapova’s decision still makes the fans shocked.

She ended her tennis livescore with five Grand Slam titles, hundreds of millions of dollars earned through tennis & business and a reputation that is somewhat tarnished for stimulants.

Sharapova decided to retire at the age of 32

She is one of the most successful tennis players in tennis history. With 5 Grand Slam titles, Sharapova is one of 10 female tennis players who have completed all four Grand Slam titles in the Open Age when they have won Roland Garros twice and the remaining 3 tournaments each time.

She joined the top 10 of the prestigious world women’s tennis livescore beside the Williams sisters, Steffi Graf, Margaret Court, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova and other legends. She also won a medal at the Olympic Games, finishing runner-up in the women’s singles at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Sharapova and the Wimbledon 2004 championship

In the open letter, Sharapova wrote: “I did this for the first time so there was nothing wrong with asking for forgiveness. Tennis, today I said goodbye. I share this decision not because I want to regret the public opinion, but because I want to express my new reality. ”

“My body has become a burden after years of sacrifice for tennis. Throughout my tennis livescore, I have been wondering: Is the sacrifice worth it? I think that should not be a question, that sacrifice was always worth it. ”

Reigning world number one in men’s singles, Novak Djokovic expressed regret for Sharapova’s decision. “Sharapova’s influence in this sport is not the simplest in women’s content. She is a smart girl and I have had the honor of being her friend for quite a long time.

Sharapova has the mind of a champion who never thinks about giving up. We have seen it through her efforts over the past 5 years. Sharapova has won 5 Grand Slam titles and once held the number one position in the world. She will feel proud of what has been achieved in her career “.

Meanwhile, legendary Billie Jean King said she was impressed with the “Russian Doll” since she won the Wimbledon championship in 2004 at only 17 years old. “Since the day she won the championship at Wimbledon 2004, Sharapova has always been the champion. Maria, all good things are still ahead.” with hastag MissYouMira (I will miss you, Maria).

Tennis fans were shocked by Sharapova’s decision

When Sharapova got the first Grand Slam title of his tennis livescore, Stafanos Tsitispas was only 5 years old and the Greek player’s impression of the “Russian Doll” was extremely deep. “I think a lot of people will be jealous of the achievements Sharapova has made. She is a good athlete, the best after Serena Williams’ generation. Her success has a lot to do with the sport.” this action “.

Alexander Gilkes, Sharapova’s boyfriend, supports the lover’s decision and hopes that she can continue to inspire tennis lovers even when she no longer plays. “You are one of the best and most professional sports athletes I’ve ever known. Hope you will continue to inspire people when life enters a new chapter. Proud and love you so much.”