Nadal Dreams Of Creating “Super Warriors” Cast

(Sports news – Tennis news) Rafael Nadal is dreaming of reclaiming the No. 1 tennis player from Novak Djokovic. Besides, “Gaur” also wants two rivals, Djokovic and Roger Federer, to help him realize an important ambition through the tennis ball.

After losing to Roger Federer 4-6, 6-3, 4-6 in the match caused $ 3.5 million to support the Charity Fund named “Express Train” on Stadium Cape Town (South Africa), Rafael Nadal has been actively training to prepare for the Mexican Open on the hardcourt in Acapulco (Mexico) from 24th to 29th February.

Nadal had an interesting experience with Federer in his native South Africa “Express train”

At the same time, Djokovic will compete in another ATP 500 tournament, the Dubai Tennis Championships – where Federer has just retired due to knee surgery. After being crowned at the Australian Open 2020, Nole has officially won the No. 1 male tennis player from Nadal and “Gaur” is eager to reclaim this position when Djokovic is 325 points lower than the ATP rankings.

Nadal aspires to be the 3rd Mexican Open champion in Acapulco (Mexico)

Nadal also wants to soon forget the sadness of failing to win the “Best sports player of the year” at the Laureus award (Oscar of the world sport), where Lionel Messi and Lewis Hamilton shared the title in this year.

Not long ago, Nadal had come to Kuwait personally for the inauguration ceremony of the Tennis Academy born his name. In addition to having a friendly match with newly-retired compatriot David Ferrer, Rafa also expressed the desire of his rivals in the “Big 4” group like Federer, Djokovic and Andy Murray or other rivals like Dominic Thiem, Ivo Karlovic, Gael Monfils help him train talented young players like them.

Nadal sees Federer and Djokovic as ideal role models for his tennis academy’s young players to follow.

The 19-year-old Spaniard who owns the Spanish Grand Slam said: “With my backhand, I have to go with Novak Djokovic. He has a very good defensive ability when forced out and can also attack well in at the back of the yard or the end of the line when there is space in the durable tennis ball.

For forehands, I want to pick Federer. He has the ability to hit the tennis ball very early and create winner points from anywhere on the pitch. Roger (Federer) can hit the tennis ball with his hand or swirl. It really is a weapon of his strength. “

Nadal continued to praise the 40-year-old and the 2.11m-tall Croatian tennis player – Ivo Karlovic: “I believe Ivo Karlovic’s serve is the strongest in the world of tennis. When Ivo is serving well, the opponent cannot create any chance to fight back. “

He is very tall, with a good serve technique to get the tennis ball away from your racket. It is like a penalty in football, even more difficult. “

Nadal continued to confess: “I will try to give the young players determination. I have had the right solution throughout my career after all the injuries I have suffered.

I was able to keep coming back and practicing with a passion to achieve my goals and keep fighting in every match. Physically, I want young players to follow the example of Dominic Thiem. Gael Monfils is the fastest player and I think Andy Murray has the best durable ball option. “

Rafa goes on sharing: “Talent is essential in this field (tennis). When you have the technical background and the right choice to play defensive or offensive tennis, as well as when making real decisions showing a solid cut or a strong strike, that will make it easier for you to make the right decision at that moment. “

Nadal is also not used to remind young tennis players at the tennis training schools he founded to learn how to adjust to the psychological well of playing like David Ferrer or Roger Federer:

“David Ferrer’s mindset at the top of glory is also very respectable. He always improves himself, that’s his attitude when he comes on the pitch and in his matches in general. David has had Roger Federer has a very impressive vision, the inspiration to play motivates him on the pitch and he quickly makes the right decision at the right time. “