T1 Was Eliminated Early In The Chinese-Korean League Of Legends

Chose the bottom Yasuo, T1 lost 2 games in a row and was eliminated on the opening day of the 2020 Mid-Season Cup.

T1 was eliminated early in the Chinese – Korean League of Legends

On the afternoon of May 28, the friendly tournament between the world’s two leading League of Legends – Korea and China entered the first day of competition. In Group A, the defending champion LCK T1 confronted FunPlus Phoenix in the opening match. Although the opponent was the reigning champion of the world, T1 had an excellent match.

The opening match against FunPlus Phoenix was the only bright spot for Teddy and his teammates on the day of the competition.
The opening match against FunPlus Phoenix was the only bright spot for Teddy and his teammates on the day of the competition.

After 10 minutes of exploring each other from both teams, the Korean representative gradually took the lead. Taking advantage of this, T1’s natural damage-oriented squad implemented a “snowball” strategy to take away big goals, one after another. The amount of difference gradually widened, and when it reached the amount of 10 thousand dollars, FunPlus Phoenix’s main house also collapsed.

In the second match, their opponent was compatriots DAMWON. Gunner Teddy made fans burst with Yasuo for bot lane. Despite facing a very strong poke formation from the opponent, T1 was a bit better in most of the matches. They constantly have kills and big objectives. There was even a time when Faker got a guard of the main house of DAMWON after an odd push

However, the absence of a true gunner is the weakness of T1. The closer they get to the end of the match, the harder it is to fight when they don’t have a stable source of damage for the long fight. As a result, they gradually lost their advantage and received defeat after more than 47 minutes of play.

Failure before DAMWON revealed many weaknesses.

The final match against Top Esports brought the deciding factor to the group stage of T1. Despite continuing to have an early game advantage, the major goal fights were a problem for them and the bot pair Yasuo and Gragas they used in two matches against DWG, and TES didn’t have too many effects. Xiaohu on the TES side also had a great performance with Ekko by continuously attacking their backline and helping TES to win after 36 minutes.

In the deciding match with TOP Esports, T1 continued to choose the Yasuo – Gragas bot lane. The scenario of game two was almost repeated: they took the lead, but as the match lasted, their non-ADC formation failed to fight. Yasuo himself proved easily disabled and was unable to exert the great advantages he had in the early game.

Failure before DAMWON revealed many weaknesses of T1.
Failure before DAMWON revealed many weaknesses of T1.

With this defeat, T1 soon said goodbye to the Mid-Season Cup 2020 with the first place in Group A. DAMWON also suffered the same fate after two defeats against the Chinese teams. As such, the Korean League can only hope for Group B, where the two teams of Gen.G and DragonX are represented. Group B matches will take place on the afternoon of May 29.

The defending champion LCK T1 was eliminated in the group stage of Mid Season Cup 2020 with a spot in the table.
The defending champion LCK T1 was eliminated in the group stage of Mid Season Cup 2020 with a spot in the table.

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