Suriname vs Guadeloupe Prediction | Gold Cup 2021 | 07/20

Suriname vs Guadeloupe prediction: Both Suriname and Guadeloupe were not appreciated in this Gold Cup and both were officially eliminated. Therefore, the confrontation in the last match will only be procedural but will not lack the attractive part when both teams will want to get an honorable victory.

Suriname vs Guadeloupe Prediction


  • Match date: 01:00 am on 2021/07/20
  • Event: Gold Cup 2021
  • Stage: Matchday 3rd
  • Location: Exploria Stadium



Suriname will have the advantage after what they have shown in the past 2 matches. With the current form of the two sides, Guadeloupe is being underestimated compared to the home team.

Suriname’s form in the last 5 matches: W W L L L

Suriname at the moment is playing in very bad form. In the last 5 matches, although they got 2 wins, they lost all 3 remaining matches. With a loss to Jamaica in the first match, coach Dean Gorre’s army had difficulty winning tickets to the next round.

After the first defeat, Suriname had to face Costa Rica in the second match. Although the competition was somewhat overwhelming, even taking the lead at the beginning of the second half, they still had to lose with a score of 1-2 overall. This defeat made Suriname officially eliminated after 2 matches when they did not get any points.

Suriname vs Guadeloupe Prediction

Guadeloupe’s form in the last 5 matches: W W W L L

On the other side of the front line, Guadeloupe is also showing a lack of luck at this year’s Gold Cup. After 2 matches played, they couldn’t get even 1 point and similar to Suriname, they were also officially eliminated. In the last 5 matches, although they won 3 matches, they also lost the remaining 2 matches. This is not a surprising result when they are rated the lowest in Group C.

Guadeloupe’s form right now is extremely bad. Specifically, after the loss to Costa Rica, they had a confrontation with Jamaica. Gwada Boys even took the lead from the 4th minute but were beaten back by Jamaica shortly after and received a final defeat with a score of 1-2.

Select: Draw FT.


Suriname vs Guadeloupe had a total of 3 confrontations in the past. From 2016 until now, the two teams have only met 2 times, both in the qualifying round of the Caribbean Cup. In which, the first match the two teams drew for 120 minutes and Guadeloupe won on penalties.

However, in the following confrontation, Guadeloupe, although leading early, still had to receive defeat after that. Suriname at home had 3 goals to win the final with a score of 3-2.

Select: Suriname FT.


Suriname’s defense played, although not too bad, but still somewhat uncertain. After 2 matches played, they received 4 goals. Worse, Suriname’s attack was also very bad when they only got 1 goal.

Suriname vs Guadeloupe Prediction

On the Guadeloupe side, their attack has a slightly “better” record. They get 2 goals while the defense of Gwada Boys also plays very badly and receives up to 5 goals after only 2 matches, up to 2.5 goals/match.

With Over/Under 2.25, Suriname’s last 2 matches have won 1 Over time, corresponding to a rate of 50%. On Guadeloupe’s side, Over won both times in the two matches they attended.

Select: Under 2.25 FT.

Suriname vs Guadeloupe Prediction: Suriname 1-0 Guadeloupe FT (0-0 H1).


Suriname: Hahn, Haps, Leerdam, Koolwijk, Pinas, Donk, Chery, Bieswar, Hasselbaink, Malone, Becker.

Guadeloupe: Thuram, Irep, Hauterville, Alphonse, Solvet, Baron, Malpon, Cavare, Phaeton, Maximin, Mirval.

The above is information about the prediction in the 3rd match of Gold Cup 2021 between Suriname vs Guadeloupe on 2021/07/20 of the CMD368 bookie.