Summary of the group stage VCS Summer 2020: SGB or PER is a good choice?

The group stage VCS Summer 2020 ended after 9 weeks of intense and intense competition, leaving those who love League of Legends with special emotions. The fact that VCS Summer 2020 has 2 tickets to the world championship 2020, makes the competition more competitive, which means that the race between teams becomes even more attractive. Let us take a moment to review the group stage VCS Summer 2020. 

The rank of the stage group VCS Summer 2020
The rank of the stage group VCS Summer 2020


In the stage group VSC Summer 2020, with the participation of Zeros in the top lane, EVOS is expected to be a bright candidate for this season’s championship. However, the “white tiger” showed a disappointing performance and the proof that they were empty-handed during the first 2 weeks of competition. Apparently EVOS’s slow and controlled style and strong attacking style of Zeros are completely opposite and that makes the team of “white tiger” not able to function smoothly in the early matches. their fairies.

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Zeros are also no longer the “king” of the top lane in the rounds as the group stage VCS Summer 2020 as before when there are dozens of rising names like Yoshino, Coated or Kiaya is showing extremely well in the season. this. Hopefully, with my experience, EVOS will do better in the Playoff round to match the expectations that fans have set.

Zeros were forced to change his gameplay to integrate with EVOS
Zeros were forced to change his gameplay to integrate with EVOS

With a newly promoted team in the group stage VCS Summer 2020 is really a good sign for the Percent players. However, it is undeniable that they are the weakest of the 6 teams that reached the Playoff. The nickname “giant kill” was given to Percent when they could beat any “big” at the VCS, but could also lose the next day to SGB or OPG. The percent is difficult to go deep at Playoff, but this will be an opportunity for them to experience the feeling of brain tension, which will help this team grow more in the next season.


After the Ultimate Challenge tournament, many people put their faith in the young generation of SGB with the excellent performance of young names in the group stage VCS Summer 2020. Even fans of the “Red buffalo herd” also hopes that Style or Froggy can help SGB find the glory of YG or PVB in the past, like the way Bigkoro or Paul did. However, the harshness of the VCS faltered the red guys, making them show a more disappointing face throughout the season. Both Style and Froggy have lost the acumen they used to show and the progress of Meliodas or Hasmed is not enough to hold a place in the top6 for this team.

Hasmed has improved a lot but that was not enough for SGB to make it to the top6
Hasmed has improved a lot but that was not enough for SGB to make it to the top6

Another name that has also received great expectations from fans in the group stage VCS Summer 2020is OPG because they are simply the team founded by Optimus. However, the team built from VGA bricks finished their first season with 8th place with only 2 wins. The immaturity shown in all members, from newcomers like Simon or DK to the names that had been in the previous season was PHT or Vit. Hopefully, Optimus’s return to OPG’s management team will give this team a better performance in the following seasons.

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