Sumail Hasan – A 21-year-old boy who plays games becomes a millionaire!

Once known as the youngest gamer in North American Dota2 village, Sumail Hasan became a millionaire in his 20s thanks to his natural talent and relentless hard work.

Sumail “Suma1L” Hasan started playing DotA (Defense of the Ancient) 14 years ago before turning 7 years old. The parents of this gamer often worry about his passion for gaming, especially in Pakistan, where gamers are not considered as a profession. His talent was truly discovered when he moved to the US with his family in 2013.

Sumail Hasan – a millionaire at the age of 21

Sumail Hasan was born on February 13, 1999 in Karachi, Pakistan. Although only 21 years old, the thickness of this young man’s achievement is very respectable. He has won the Evil Geniuses 5 times with many world-renowned leagues such as The Manila Masters, Mars Dota 2 League 2016 Autumn, Dota Pit League Season 3. Especially, winning against CDEC Gaming to win the Dota 2 championship 2015.

Few think this young guy is a millionaire.
Few think this young guy is a millionaire.

This young man quickly earns 200,000 USD per month as a professional gamer in the US.

Genius Sumail Hassan in Evil Geniuses.
Genius Sumail Hassan in Evil Geniuses.

The total income of this 21-year-old guy reached $ 2.4 million after a recent tour, making him the 3rd highest-earning gamer in the world. The two players who make more money than Sumail Hasan are Peter Dager and Sahil Arora.

He is also the youngest gamer to surpass 1 million USD income. Sumail Hasan is also the player most sought after by bosses. He also appeared in the 30 most influential teenagers of 2016 on Time magazine.

On January 28, during the launch of True Sight: The International 2019 Grand Finals, OG announced a very important contract when adding Sumail to the official lineup.

Sumail Hassan – The energetic prodigy of DOTA 2

At an age when his peers were hopping hopscreens and not cleaning their noses on their own, Sumail Hasan had a desire to become a professional gamer. In Pakistan, the country where he spent most of his life unable to equip himself with a personal computer, he had to go to Cyber ​​Cafe shops with his motorbike in his high condition. substance four. Even had to sell the only bicycle to have money to play games, to support the dream.

Sumail Hasan had to sell a car to nurture his dream of gaming
Sumail Hasan had to sell a car to nurture his dream of gaming

Sumail Hasan’s father was a very wonderful man. He saved up money and tried to work to bring his family to America. Since then, SumaiL’s talent has been increasingly known and spread. Taking part in professional competition with the North American Elite League (NEL), this prodigy’s talent has been eye-catching by Gaming Evil Geniuses (EG).

Immediately after joining EG, Sumail Hasan caused a stir in the world when he won the $ 1,200,000 championship. EG seems to be blowing a new wind and rebuilding its name thanks to SumaiL after Arteezy and Zai joined Secret. Despite being highly regarded, this prodigy still admits that he has many shortcomings and is trying to become a more professional gamer.

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