Sports news 7/4: The oldest golf tournament officially canceled

(Sports news) The old Open Championship golf tournament has been officially canceled due to the catastrophic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Open Championship 2020 golf tournament was officially canceled

Latest in the sports news, the Open Championship, the oldest of the four major golf courses, has been officially announced to be canceled due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This year is the 149th tournament to be held and is expected to take place at Royal St George’s golf course in July this year. Besides announcing the cancellation of the tournament due to the epidemic, the organizers of the Royal St George Stadium also confirmed that the tournament will be reorganized from 11 to 18 July next year.

Chief Executive Martin Slumbers said: “Our goal is to protect the health of our fans, golfers, VIPs, volunteers, and many other employees. permission, but we were forced to cancel this year.

Sports news 7/4: The oldest golf tournament officially canceled
The world’s top prestigious golf tournament was canceled because of a pandemic

Vietnam race track has not been updated in the virtual F1 game

With the F1 2020 race being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers have recently opened an F1 simulation race to keep fans entertained during their stay at home. For each real race that is canceled or postponed, F1 will host virtual races using the Codemasters game version F1 2019.

Although this is a game for professional gamers, fans will meet many idols who are the characters in the game. Over the weekend, the virtual race track in Vietnam was organized instead of the real race being postponed. Unfortunately, the Vietnamese race track has not been updated, so the organizers had to use Australia’s Albert Grand Prix Park as the alternative track.

Sports news 7/4: The oldest golf tournament officially canceled
Vietnam F1 race has not yet been put into the virtual game

F1 owner of Netherlands GP does not want to answer the disease season interview

F1 GP Dutch owner Jan Lammers has warned the media to stop speculating about the future of the F1 2020 season, revealed to the sports news. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no sign of weakening. F1 organizations are still struggling to find a solution to bring this speed tournament back.

“We really don’t want to give an interview about anything until the situation is more positive. Each answer raises new questions and everything extends from day to day, which it just makes us even more tired, “the former GP told the Dutch website Formule1.

The Williams team asked the government to pay the employees

Drivers of Williams, George Russell and Nicholas Latifi have officially reduced their salaries by 20% due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The team is also forced to leave most employees at home and rely on government subsidies to pay their salaries. Accordingly, workers forced to leave temporarily in the UK will receive 80% of their salary, up to 2,500 pounds per month.

The Australian tennis player’s golden heart of the COVID-19 season

The warmest piece of sports news is that Nick Kyrgios recently showed his kindness by calling people to text him for help. The Australian tennis star has taken to Instagram personally and sent that message in the hope of helping those who are struggling in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sports news 7/4: The oldest golf tournament officially canceled
Nick Kyrgios

“If anyone doesn’t have a job, has no income but runs out of food or is going through hard times, don’t be afraid or embarrassed, send me a private message. I’ll be very happy to help you.” , I will hide your identity so that you do not have to be shy about anything “- Nick Kyrgios shared.

Above is the updated  sports news on April, 7th, the Open Championship has been officially canceled, etc.

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